:: A Fresh Start with Fresh Paint ::


It’s a brand new year and you’re itching for a fresh look . Why not try a fresh coat of paint? These more unconventional paint ideas can bring some excitement into your for the new year.

Start small with a contrasting color on an exterior door.

yellow gray front door

orange grey front door

A black door adds sophistication to a mustard yellow home.

yellow black front door

Interior doors too!

yellow interior door

interior blue door

Up for a challenge? Get bold stripes using a laser level and painters tape.

Blue and White striped hallway

yellow stripe bath

Or throw out the level!

Colorful Striped Bath

Love your wall color? Paint the ceiling… or the floor. What a statement that geometric floor makes!

ceiling purple geometric floor

ceiling yellow kitchen

ceiling pink

Just be brave, have fun and remember it’s just paint. You can change it quickly and inexpensively if you change your mind!

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