:: Eco-Chic Accessories – Recylced Glass Beads From Ghana::


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One of the things that we enjoy at Tuvalu is sourcing green design options. We’re probably most known for our collection of unique, reclaimed wood furnishings but we also have a lot of “green” accessories like these recycled glass beads that were hand-made in Ghana. Available in several colors and opacity, their matte finish and arrangement on a thick string make them easy to hang or drape in your home, adding a quick pop of color and texture.

Though they’re new to us, they may not be new to you. It seems that the trend (as many trends these days go) started back in the 70’s when global travel and cultural awareness was thriving (remember the hippies?!) The beads are used as currency in Africa but people began bringing them back to the states and using them in home decor. We’re thinking it’s still a great idea today.

We can’t deny their beautiful color and can see several strands hung on a hook in a bath or coiled in a polished silver bowl on a side table. Or maybe your mermaid needs some new jewelry? Either way, they’re a great new accessory for your home – let’s call it Eco Chic!

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  1. Ok I will have to come back in again and get some of these… love them!!!!! I am loving all my new SALE items I bought last week!!!!!

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