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This week’s Tablescape Tuesday is all about going vertical. Maybe it’s all the March Madness we’ve been watching but, just like those basketball players, we’re striving to score points with some height! Add this trick to your knowledge of the power of threes and landscaping and your tables will really start to kick into gear!

This week: Don’t be Afraid to Go Vertical

Plain and simple: Add height with a tall lamp, a vase with fresh tree cuttings or candlesticks. How high should you go? Look to surrounding furniture and accessories for clues… we’ll explain below! 

Sphere Lamp

Above, the three-sphere lamp adds height and presence to an otherwise small table. It does a great job bringing your eye up to the three mirrors above the sofa.

Tripod Lamp

Before we get caught up in the double-louis-suitcases-on-wood-beams-side-table (how cool!), check out the silver bedside lamp. Similar to the first picture, the lamp’s height connects the height of the leather headboard making the room look more cohesive. And we’re loving the menswear print bedding !!


Lots of height here – a blooming orchid, a skinny lamp and the set of three shell prints stacked one on top of the other. They’ve gone extremes here with the height in order to balance with the visual height of the adjacent staircase.

And below, some pepper-tree cuttings added to a silver vase add both a pop of color and height to a previously plain table setting.

Mercury Glass Vase

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