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Tuesday’s Tip from the Pros

This week: Using Stacked Books To Create a Focal Point

Books are such an interesting item to use in decorating. It’s fun to collect them over the years, each one with a certain memory, or handed down with history from family members or friends. We like using them in tablescaping alone or as a way to add height to a rather small item. You can pay attention to the color of the spines and add a contrasting color to your table or just use what you have for a more eclectic, gathered look. Take a look at the examples below to get some inspiration for adding books to your tablescapes. And peek back at previous Tablescape Tuesday photos as many of our inspiration photos have used books to add interest!


Above, they’ve gone vertical with a tall stack of books that balances out the lamp and gives the moss sphere added focus. Read our previous post about adding height to your tables here! Below, the candle arrangement gets a little lift with the black Chanel book, which is also a contrast against the white lacquer table and the silver tray.


Here they’ve gathered several stacks of books on a larger, well landscaped table, giving focus to otherwise smaller items.



A single stack of black and white books makes this desk above a little more interesting. And a vase is elevated to the right height, just above the opposite lamp, with a few books.


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