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We love using clocks in our decor. No, it’s not really a trendy new concept, but some of the new types of clocks these days are pretty neat! Like this oversized, vintage reproduction clock in a rustic outdoor cabana. Statement pieces like these can act as an affordable alternative to art and will really take a plain room to another level. How beautiful is that patio furniture too?! Looks like a great place for a family gathering on this holiday weekend! Keep reading for more ways we’ve bookmarked to use clocks in home decor. And have a wonderful weekend!

A retro clock vingette! Have a collection of your grandfather’s clocks tucked away in storage? Pull several out and arrange them together for an interesting tablescape.

A clock is a necessity in the bath. Throw out that ugly, digital plug-in clock and have some fun with a piece like this that resembles a oversized pocket watch!

And a french style, black-and-white clock will help you get down to business and look good while doing so!

Check out these clocks that are available at Tuvlau:

Vintage Clocks

french cafe clock / retro modern alarm clock / rustic cottage clock / nautical rope clock (in store)

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