:: How To Pick The Right Sized Rug For Your Room ::


Tuesday’s Tip From The Pros

A question we get asked a lot is, What size rug is right for my room? It’s a tough thing to determine, especially since price can quickly escalate as you get into the much larger sized rugs. Here are a few “rules” to consider and of course, a few ways to break them! As always, come by the store if you have questions about how to implement this in your own home – we love to help!

The most commonly used rule is to use a rug that’s large enough to fit under {at the least} the front legs of all the furniture in the arrangement. In the outdoor room above, you can see how this can really define a space. Makes it comfy-cozy!

Rug Company

On the other hand, this purple and white floral rug isn’t big enough to fit under any of the furniture, which makes the whole arrangement seem cold and unfinished.

In a dining room it’s best to have at least two feet around the outside of the table. Otherwise guests get caught on the edge of the rug when scooting in and out of the table!

But what to do if you have an heirloom rung that you’re DYING to use in a room that’s too large? Here’s a way to cheat – layer your rugs! Use a large rug below your statement rug. Solid color or a sisal works great and are affordable options especially at larger sizes. And voila!

If you’re really bold, mix your rug patterns and prints – zebra stripe + color block stripe. Check out our previous post on mixing patterns here

Another great solution is to use two smaller rugs placed side by side. It works well in this bedroom above where there are several feet on each side of the bed allowing for a trip-free walkway and a cozy place to put your feet in the morning.

Check out the Tuvalu Home Pinterest for the source on all our photos.

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