:: Try These 3 Earth Day Events in Laguna Beach ::


Feature Friday

Tomorrow is Earth Day! Events are planned all month long but here are three exciting { free and family friendly } events planned for tomorrow in downtown Laguna. Grab your bike { because it’s Earth friendly },  slather on the sunscreen { it’s supposed to be 78 tomorrow! } and don’t forget to stop by Tuvalu to say hello. Have a wonderful weekend!


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The second annual Kelp Fest, celebrating the restoration of the giant kelp forests to our oceans, will be held at Main Beach starting at 9am. Learn about kelp and our marine ecosystem, see live painting and performances or take a kayak trip off the coast to see another side of Laguna’s tidepools. Below is artist, Erik Wong, painting at last year’s Kelp Fest. Beautiful!!


Or try being a “locavore” { consuming locally grown food } and buy this week’s vegetables at the Laguna Farmer’s Market, which is located at the North end of Ocean Ave in the Lumberyard Parking lot. It’s open every Saturday from 8am-12noon.

Laguna Farmer's Market

Laguna Farmer's Market

Laguna Farmer's Market

And then swing by the first annual Laguna Beach Earth Day Festival on Park Ave and PCH. They plan on closing a portion of the street down for an Eco-Village, Ec0-Lounge and Eco-Expo, which will include Urban Composting demonstrations, Guided Bike Tours of Laguna Beach’s Edible Gardens, Live Music, Drum Circle, and various Guest Speakers with expertise in environmental topics such as water, energy & land conservation, solar power, mobility, recycling & waste management, organic gardening & cooking, and green building. Check out www.seedsed.org for more information.

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  1. I attended the Kelp fest with my family. We took a Kayak trip around the Laguna and it was beautiful. I actually didn’t know of this event until read about it on this blog and we were really looking forward to doing something relevant during this years’ Earth Day. We couldn’t have chosen anything better to do other than attending the Kelp fest and so thanks for the information.

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