:: How To Bring Tuvalu Into Your Bedroom Pt.1 ::


Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

Last week we showed you some coastal bedrooms and what we loved about the spaces. If you missed that, jump on over and take a look by clicking here. This week we’re bringing Tuvalu to your bedroom! Today we’re focusing on furniture that we love in this room and some we would add in the bedroom shown above. We know that there’s a lot that goes into the bedroom, but we’re just showing you furniture today. Let’s get started!For starters we’re keeping the bed. We love this bed because it brings so much coastal goodness into the bedroom. The shape of the bed posts are fun and show a playful side so the room never looks stiff or boring. We also like the headboard! It fits perfect with the bed frame and doesn’t over power the piece.We’re switching this one up! They went with a bamboo chair instead of a bamboo desk. We’re choosing the latter of the two. If you haven’t noticed, we are huge fans of bamboo so of course we’re going to bring it into the bedroom. We like the idea of a desk in the room. It gives you a space to get a little work done or just lay out a few magazines so you have some inspiration close by. We wanted more pop in our space so we’re throwing the Verona Cyan Side Chair into the mix. This is the perfect desk chair because of it’s size. It’ll fit nice and snug! We like the back of the chair with the round shape and swirl-like charateristics. It continues on with our fun, coastal bedroom decor. We want to bring a little more cyan into the room and we think that this desk lamp will do just that. You’re going to need some light when your working at your desk! This lamp is simple and clean. We don’t want the piece to be too big or clunky because that will throw off the balance of the space and look out of place. Make sure to keep it balanced! We can’t forget about the little corners in the bedroom. They give us plenty of unique opportunities to create cute spaces. We like what they did with this space, but we’re swapping out the furniture. We’re going with our Baylor Arm Chair instead. We like this chair because it gives off a great coastal vibe and brings that classic coastal look to the space. It also isn’t big which gives us more space to move through the room.Since it is a corner, and the space is a little limited, we don’t want big, protruding pieces that will ruin the flow of the room. So we’re keeping it small with this box side table. This side table is great because it doubles as storage space and a side table. The box gives you a place for you to store whatever you please, but if you’re in a hurry and just need to plop it down on the table part of it you can! You’ve gotta love a great functional piece when you find one.You can barely see what looks maybe like a dresser or cabinet barely peaking it’s way into this picture. We thought a fun and unique take on the traditional way would be to bring in a bookcase to the space. This would work great for displaying pictures, various accessories, possibly books and could be used to hold the foldable pieces of your wardrobe. We also want to carry on the cyan color scheme throughout the room and this beautiful bookcase definitely allows us to do that.

Bring coastal furniture and plenty more coastal decor for your home at Tuvalu Home!

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