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Tuesday’s Tips From The Pros

Why does it feel like we never have enough space? Better question, where did all this stuff come from? It constantly seems like we have more stuff then space. Besides just tossing everything, which happens to be the easiest way to create some extra space in your home, what can you do? Today’s post is about the extra storage you can bring into your home. Possibly taking advantage of some dead space, like under the stairs, or installing some new storage opportunities. Some of these ideas involve a little work. Maybe you don’t have the budget or want to do construction and that’s fine. A simple shelf here and there can make a huge different. Let’s start!
We will start in the kitchen, but this can be applied to anywhere you have drawers. Go deep! Deep drawers means more space in the drawer to put stuff in. It’s a pretty simple idea actually. For some of you this could be as easy as taking out a small drawer to create space for a larger one and some new brackets. Others it could be a whole new cabinet, which we support you 100% on. These deep drawers can feel endless and will proper organization they will feel endless.
Don’t let your stairs limit you! There are tons of storage opportunities here. You can install some built in selves or put up a few shelves on the wall. This will give you plenty of space for pictures, accessories, books, or whatever else your heart desires. Do you have a shell collection from around the world? You do!? Great! This is a perfect way to show it off without compromising your other valuable spaces.
We can’t forget about underneath the stairs. If you aren’t already using this space you should. Don’t have access to this space? Make it happen. You can use it as straight storage space or you can get creative and put a TV under there like above. The extra space is yours!
Your hallways offer a ton of storage space. Those walls are begging to be used. You can put some art on them and call it a day, that’s fine. If you want some more space though, you can put some selves on the walls or build them into the wall. Obviously this isn’t meant for every hallway. They aren’t all corridors, but if you can, it will add more storage space to your home.
Entryway shelves are great for cutting back the clutter and clearing up the space. Put your jacket or sweater up on the hook and toss your purse onto the shelf – nice, simple and easy. We like easy, especially with the little ones. All you need is a wall and you’re good to go.
Last, but definitely not least, the family/living room. This is where we are most of the time so why not have the storage and space we want or need? Some build in shelves will help you stay organized in the busy space and make it easy for everyone to find a blanket, or book, or movie. They can each have there place and cut back on searching time. You can install open face shelves or have cabinets that close. Either way works. Can’t put in the built in’s? That’s why we have side consoles or book cases. They can be moved anywhere at anytime. Don’t forget to take advantage of your vertical space. You can go as high as you want or as high as your ceilings will let you. It just means more storage space. Good luck organizing!

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