:: Welcome Home – Entry Tips ::


Tuesday Tips

It’s always nice to come home after a long day and have a quick, easy place to set your stuff down. Your entry is the first place to greet you on your way into the home and should be just the place. Let these few tips help make your life and entry better! Get a coat rack of some sort. This way you can toss your coat or scarf up onto it and to free yourself up a little bit. Put a side table or small bench in the entry way so you can set your purse, keys or what’s ever in your hands down. The bench, or maybe a chair, will give you a place to take your shoes off. More importantly, you have a place for the kids to take off and store their shoes or other various things. This will hopefully cut back on the dirt and mess throughout the house that the kids somehow always manage to bring in.
You can also put down a doormat or a tough indoor/outdoor rug in the entry. This will help with preventing messes as well. Another way to prevent clutter and mess is with an umbrella rack. During the wet season you won’t be tracking mud or water throughout your home. Plus you’ll have a place for your umbrella and you won’t have to go searching for it every time you’re running out the door.
Let your entry help you! Putting a little time into your entry will leave you thanking yourself over and over. It will help organize your home and make your life easier. There’s no need for clutter by the front door, but most importantly there’s no need for that extra stress.


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