:: Quick Tips To Dress Up Your Bookcase ::


Tuesday Tips


Your bookcase doesn’t need to be boring any more. We’ve got a few quick tips to liven it up. We’re talking fast and easy things that anyone can do. You don’t need to be a professional interior decorator or need to spend tons of money to create a beautiful bookcase. All you need are a few of these quick tips incorporated into your bookcase and you’re on your way. So here we go:

  • Bring in the color – A little color in your bookcase never hurts. This means painting the backs of your bookcase or only painting a square, or rectangle, to make it stand out. Another option is wallpaper. You can bring in patterns or textures if wanted.
  • Bring in the art – Your bookcase doesn’t need to only showcase books. Use it to show off some art too. Incorporating art into your bookcase will give it some life and grab the attention of the eye.
  • Bring in the accessories – Like the art, accessories give you the ability to have fun decorating the bookcase. They can be scattered around to give the bookcase a fresh look. These pieces will give the eye more to look at while scanning over the books on display.
  • Bring in the books – Your bookcase obviously needs books, but what it doesn’t need is a uniform, linear placement of them. Your books don’t have to boring! You can have fun with your books and display them in multiple ways. Laying them down, or leaning a book, will bring new space to the bookcase that also allows you to decorate with your art or accessories.

We’ve got a few examples of some great looking bookcases for you to use for inspiration. Remember to play around with your bookcase until you find what looks best. Good luck decorating!

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