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:: Spotted! African Bone Beads ::


Feature Friday


Look what we spotted in this month’s House Beautiful! African Bone Beads are the perfect decor accessory for any coastal home. These beads can be used to decorate any space by being  laid out or even hung up. Pick these up and get to decorating today! Grab these and more over at our online store here! Happy Friday!

:: Multiple Bright & Bold Patterns ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Nitik_II_Tashkent_New_Batik_Aquarias_John_Knott-House_Beautiful_April_2013It’s time to let all those patterns shine! Bright and bold patterns are being used with one another to give each space a unique design twist. It takes a bold person to use multiple patterns that are bright and demand attention. When it’s done right, the vivid patterns will pack a lively punch of color and pattern into any space. With an assortment of mediums to use a pattern through (fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, etc.) the design range is vast.

Check out some of these fun patterns and spaces we found! Are you a fan of multiple pattern usage? Or are you against it? Let us know!
old-soul-sitting-room-cl-l f5619c908143e5b7e626ef51fa9e0c24 b90d8b96147a104d124e0273333b6265 3a98db89ee824e952a41edabc06093b7 df4eda80ca17d1f87773471fa614903d

:: 3 Quick Tips To Enjoy The Great Outdoors ::


Tuesday Tips


It’s so beautiful outside today we had no choice but to post about how to take advantage of this weather. It feels like summer’s already come here in Southern California. We apologize for all our friends and family that are covered in snow, you really should be out here! For those of you that are here, you better be outside reading this on your laptop! Unless you’re here for a few tips on how to enjoy the great outdoors. Let’s get this started.

1. Get outdoor furniture.

3e02e651a71f99594891e58caffe26f6 803c9294f4c7b06462909b7a426c3d63First, and foremost, you’re going to need somewhere to sit and gather. This will give you a space to be outside and enjoy the weather. It can be a full outdoor furniture set or just a pair of chairs. It all depends how many people will be out there enjoying the day with you. The more the merrier in our opinion!

2. Get an outdoor rug. 

6e4ca118a076bfdc147079577381f48d 66e9f8c21f3b53b07e5687d93036a1e7Anchor that space and make it clear where we’re suppose to be! More importantly, give those toesies something cool to walk on! That cement gets hot! My toes aren’t one place I’m trying to get a burn.

3. Get your garden on.

4ad9e8c32e2411b3af2c82b708d9c6fa 12302d6cc89ea4fcb1a23177fd0e0c7b Give yourself something to do while you’re outside! It’s a great way to work on your tan, be active and possibly grow something edible. If you have a green thumb and space, why not start up a fun garden? If your gardening skill or space is limited you can always opt for a smaller, easier garden set up, like Michelle’s pictured above.

If you want to browse some outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs or garden accessories come into the store or check out our online store here.

:: Spotted! Whale Art! ::


Feature Friday

spotted-whale-art-coastal-decor-tuvalu-home Flipping through this month’s issue of House Beautiful we spotted some familiar art. Featured in the ‘Pattern Happy” home, these framed whale paintings are nestled into the living room giving it that extra nautical touch. Want to bring these whale painting to your living room? Well you can! Start shopping our whale art online here. Happy Friday!

:: We Remerched The Store! ::


tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-1We gave you the before photos of us remerching the store and now we have the finished ones! So here’s for those of you who can’t make it down to the store, but hopefully you can come see it in person! We hope to see you all of you guys here!

If you have any questions or comments let us know! We love hearing from you guys! Alright, enough with the words. Here’s the photos.
tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-2 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-3 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-4 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-5 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-6 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-7 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-8 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-9 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-10 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-11 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-12 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-13 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-14 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-15 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-16 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-17 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-18 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-19 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-20 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-21 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-22 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-23 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-24 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-25 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-26 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-27 tuvalu-store-remerch-coastal-decor-28

:: Store Remerch – Before Photos ::


photo-138 If you haven’t been to the store in awhile then you’re in for quite the treat! We just remerched the store and it looks great! Here’s a few pictures of us in action getting it in order for you guys and a few before photos just to give you an idea of what we did. Don’t worry though, we’ve got finished pictures too. Enjoy these for now!
photo-136photo-132 photo-133 photo-134 photo-137

:: Gourd Lamps! ::


Feature Friday

home-decor-must-haves-gourd-lamps-coastal-tuvaluWe were flipping through the latest HGTV Magazine and in their ‘fun decorating’ section they featured gourd lamps saying that you can count on them for decorating any space and we agree! These fun and colorful lamps can brighten up any space! They give the space more texture and flow as well. The lamp’s odd, gourd shapes aren’t like those traditional table lamps and will give your guest something they can’t overlook. You can find gourd shape lamps in all shapes, sizes and colors. We tossed our Jamie Young Gourd Table Lamp into the mix to show you just that. Pick up the Jamie Young Gourd Lamp Here.

Do you like gourd lamps? Or do you prefer something else? Let us know! Leave a comment with your thoughts, we’d love to here from you! Happy Friday!

:: Cabana Project – Behind The Scenes ::


photo-117 Check out some of the behind the scenes pictures we have for you! We’re making sure you get the full experience with our cabana project. We love our Raul and his team. They do amazing work and deliver every time! We are so thankful for them! We hope you enjoy these pictures and you can see the finished project here. Enjoy!
photo-114 photo-115 photo-116 photo-118 photo-119 photo-120 photo-121 photo-122 photo-123 photo-124

:: Pacific Edge Hotel Cabana Four ::


tuvalu-cabana-before-6 tuvalu-cabana-7 tuvalu-cabana-9 Pacific Edge Hotel’s Snack, Sip and Surf event yesterday was a success! We have all of our photos of the cabana we designed for the event up in our portfolio section! We have a few before and afters above, but see the rest of them here! We love the way our cabana turned out! For this project we teamed up with Hobie and used this space to show the history of Hobie and the surf and skate culture that it fueled. Our Tuvalu designers, Laurie Alter and Wendy Grand Pre, did such an amazing job incorporating these aspects into the design while still showing the beautiful, coastal Tuvalu Home style. We hope you enjoy More pictures here!

:: Tuvalu x Hobie Cabana Project At Pacific Edge Hotel ::


tuvalu-cabana-before-1 tuvalu-hobie-cabana-4 Pacific Edge Hotel is hosting their Snack, Sip and Surf event which includes great food, drinks and features five designers that get to unveil their custom designed cabanas during the event. Each designer was given their own cabana to design how they wanted with their personal and unique style. Well, if you haven’t already guessed, we were one of those five designers and teamed up with Hobie to give them the ultimate beach cabana. Above we have a little before and after teaser for you guys. We promise we have tons more pictures for you guys, before and afters. So don’t you worry, more pictures and info to come!