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What’s Trending Wednesday

Nitik_II_Tashkent_New_Batik_Aquarias_John_Knott-House_Beautiful_April_2013It’s time to let all those patterns shine! Bright and bold patterns are being used with one another to give each space a unique design twist. It takes a bold person to use multiple patterns that are bright and demand attention. When it’s done right, the vivid patterns will pack a lively punch of color and pattern into any space. With an assortment of mediums to use a pattern through (fabrics, wallpapers, rugs, etc.) the design range is vast.

Check out some of these fun patterns and spaces we found! Are you a fan of multiple pattern usage? Or are you against it? Let us know!
old-soul-sitting-room-cl-l f5619c908143e5b7e626ef51fa9e0c24 b90d8b96147a104d124e0273333b6265 3a98db89ee824e952a41edabc06093b7 df4eda80ca17d1f87773471fa614903d

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