:: Coastal Curb Appeal ::


Tuesday Tips

6869fd84a8cf2a0a10bfa7efd5b4a777 It’s time to give your home a little more coastal curb appeal! We think you should be welcomed home with open arms of coastal love. What better way to do that than give your front porch a touch of coastal charm?

One way to give your home quick coastal curb appeal is to paint the front door. Almost every house has a front door and painting yours can make your home stand out. A splash of color instantly draws any passerby’s eyes directly to it. Most people see boring doors on homes that are typically white or some neutral hue, but not yours! You’re gonna shake things up and bring some color to the block, watch out neighbors!

We have a few inspirational examples below to show you what some other beach lovers have done. Scroll down and check them out! Hopefully they will inspire you to bring out the old trusty paint brush.
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