:: Top 10 Coastal Design Trendsetters in 2013 ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

trendsetters-thomas-paul-0613-l Thomas Paul via Coastal Living
trendsetters-meg-braff-0613-l Meg Braff via Coastal Living
0712_designer-clarke-l Tim Clarke via Coastal Living

Coastal Living releases their first-ever list of top designers who are out there creating stunning spaces and setting trends while doing it. Some of these designer’s work you seen (whether you know it or not), like Thomas Paul’s famous octopus that’s on pillows, bedding and art or like Meg Braff’s work which is plastered on Pinterest. A quick google search or a little poking around on Pinterest and you’ll realize these designers have been influencing coastal style for awhile. Check out Coastsal Lving’s list here! We’ve also got a quick preview of some work from the names featured above below!
Lord Bodner's Octopus triptychbraff-master-bedroom-l island-find-l

images via decor pad and coastal living


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