:: How You Do Blue By Phoebe Howard ::


Tuesday Tips

blue-family-room-0713-lHave you seen this home designed by Phoebe Howard? This home is amazing! She uses blue so well throughout the home and leaves us wanting more! And we love the subtle hints of green scattered about too! She effortlessly uses a neutral palette to make the blues stand out and really give us something to enjoy. Howard also uses different hues of blue to give the space depth and to create a nice flow throughout the space. This prevents the any color overkill which can happen when designing with one main color. We love the way this home turned out and had to share it with you guys! It truly is inspiring!green-chair-family-room-0713-lblue-dining-room-lblue-girls-bedroom-0713-l blue-living-room-0713-lblue-breakfast-room-0713-l blue-living-room-dresser-0713-l blue-master-suite-0713-lphotos via coastal living

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