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coastal-living-coastal-staircase-home-built-in-storage-stairs-tuvalu-homeThe staircase can often be overlooked and forgotten. Don’t waste that space! It can be a tricky space because it’s not the easiest to design. You mostly have walls, a small shelf space of sorts and a little floor space at the bottom to work with, but that’s okay! A lot can be done in that small amount of space! There’s no need to limit yourself. Plus we can’t forget about the stairs themselves. We can use stair runners, wood or even tiles to decorate them giving us even more options. Check out some of these staircases to find out what other people/designers are doing and to get some inspiration! Apply what you like to your home. Put up that gallery wall and use those empty spaces!00eef72c95ce5bfda862f1be999bc985 9e10cbdcedba62876fa90e1853afe78f 65f4c15ef8a4523adf6c9493ec8daae5 79feea483903355147670377b71ab2f5 2914f4466926c79c3420abff49d540e2 bb0f456aefa484ff6a115ec676e29cec


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