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What’s Trending Wednesday

8615749a3287f372b7057d47ebb338beIt seems like damask and ikat fabrics have taken over lately! The more recent of the two is damask fabric and it seems to be showing up in living rooms and bedrooms all over! The damask fabric is a bold fabric that definitely stands out in a space. So designers usually will just use a touch of it with pillows on the sofa or maybe even curtains, but that’s not to say they won’t go all out with wallpaper or furniture. We love the damask pattern because it breaks up the space and adds some welcomed texture to it as well. Check out some these great examples we’ve found and let them inspire damask fabrics in your home! 994cbb470824b95510dedab35afb8e29 trend 020 9ec84baecfb0856dafd41e9045147de8 5d2fe192c845c5b173dda9912a8fb350 b31cd397af35ccce02420a93faa3e1e9 b253b1d8ff2f4a66d85c93a08f6b708b b848ea033d6095ebc505d1e330ee60da 4828e25b1ebec189ef598f520512c37b 280f57424187b65a6057d6cea1851c1d 82d22641eef41103fb8227ce23bb3d54


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