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What’s Trending Wednesday

2cd5b9d01c56b251e88bef1cee81c5e7Bamboo chairs are no strangers to coastal decor and can be found in almost every beach cottage. So it’s no surprise to see designers using bamboo chairs in a space and getting in touch with their coastal roots. The bamboo chair brings a beachy vibe to any space and definitely lets that person know exactly what kind of home they’re in. Plus it comes in almost any color. Painted bamboo chairs have really opened up the design options and let us go wild! We love the look of bamboo chairs and the chippendale bamboo chair has become a coastal home classic.

What are your thoughts on bamboo chairs? Do you use it in your home? Are you still a fan? Or have you guys moved onto to something new? Let us know! And don’t forget to enjoy these beautiful spaces these designers have put together using bamboo chairs!

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