:: 3 Simple Tips For Getting The Entryway F/W Ready ::


Tuesday Tips

4e17ae7d5ae07d0a57ecd8bac515c785The temperature is dropping lower and lower everyday. Before we know it, winter will be here. Is your home ready for the cold? More importantly, is your entryway ready for the cold weather? Getting your entryway ready for fall and winter is necessary to take on the cold weather. You trudge in on a wet day and you’re greeted by warm, accommodating entryway. Accommodating? Yes. Ready to fulfill your wishes of getting out of those wet shoes/rain boots. We’ve got 3 very easy and quick tips to help make your fall/winter easier. They will make your life easy during the cold seasons and easy to overlook or forget about, but don’t! They will help, check them out!

1. Grab A Seat.

Get yourself a bench or something to sit on you can get out of those wet shoes fast! You can also catch your breath and then continue stripping off all the layers.

2. Toss The Coat.

Get a some coat hooks for the wall or a coat rack. You want that coat off your body ASAP so you can start warming up.

3. Lay Down A Rug.

You’re gonna bring a little Mother Nature  in will you so make sure you have your indoor/outdoor rug ready and in place to help against the mess. 

These 3 simple tips will go a long way during the upcoming seasons. I know they are easy and almost common sense, right? Well, you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook these simple ideas. Don’t forget and be ready for the cold weather! 

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