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:: Coastal Thanksgiving Centerpieces ::


Tuesday Tips

095d19ba11aa897ae05088d254afe74eThanksgiving is days away and we hope you’re ready for it! We tried our best to give you guys some tips and tricks to help you get ready. This last Thanksgiving post is all about the Thanksgiving table centerpiece. We’re sure you have something in mind for your centerpiece and it may already be done as well as set up on the table, but it’s never too late for a little inspiration. We’ve grabbed some great coastal centerpiece photos for you guys to draw some inspiration from. These are great because you can add to your existing centerpiece or even just be starting on it and these photos will help inspire. Check out some these photos and get your centerpiece looking stunning and beautiful! 196c5cf2f0d4e952569e92f018ddfbea 677dcf8e5e6cbeb1744e08ef6740ebbc 41086c0a9b3a7937924c2be003c81952 c3c1d81e2346beeeb59325413f762793 d24c966bc6602edfc9591293846bfa92 d33324fce32334ccf0b88a077323bed5 thanksgiving-tips-garland-1113-lgn

:: Kasumi Pearls ::


Feature Friday

7a098d5901a56fc4e115f69e6a406c2bCandace from Neck Candy drops a new necklace in the store for us! This time she strings together some Kasumi pearls and they’re absolutely beautiful! Candace wanted to create a casual, go-to pearl necklace and we think she’s done just that! She used oxidized sterling to make the pearls pop and demand the attention they deserve. Pair this beauty with a Tibetan piece on a heavy sterling chain or just let the pearls shine in all of their glory, it’s a piece you’ll love to wear and won’t want to take it off! Come in today, try it on and take it home! Happy Friday!

:: Spotted! Arteriors Lola Floor Lamp ::


Feature Fridayspotted-arteriors-lola-floor-lamp-home-decor-tuvalu-home

Look what we found in this month’s Coastal Living, one of our favorite floor lamps! The Arteriors Lola Floor Lamp is a piece that can effortlessly blend into any space. It’s clean lines and shape paired with the basic shade lets you use the lamp without you worrying about obstruction.

:: Mint Condition ::


What’s trending Wednesday

coastal2The color mint is a refreshing, soft tone that can make a home feel welcoming and calm. It’s also a versatile color that looks good painted on the walls and scattered throughout a space in the form of accessories. There aren’t too many colors that can get away with that. Plus we can’t forget that it’s totally a coastal color. It belongs in a coastal home just as much as shells and coral. We love the use of mint in the kitchen. There’s just something about using the color in the kitchen that just feels right. Those mint painted cabinets look so inviting and draw our eyes to them. They makes want to be in the kitchen.

What are your thoughts on the color mint? Are you fan? Using it already? Or is the color not for you? Let us know! And check out how some of these designers are using mint in the spaces pictured below!

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:: The Perfect Holiday Table ::


Tuesday Tips

2bb7f4db3c787616b0aa7fb03e768a1eOne of the best family holidays is coming up. No, not Christmas! That one is the best holiday, nothing will beat Christmas! But we’re talking about Thanksgiving! We’re talking about all of the family getting together, tasty food and lots and lots of pumpkin pie! There is one thing that can pose quite the problem during this Thanksgiving season – your table space. You want to make sure that everyone has a place to sit and more importantly, a place to put all of the food.

Well, your table space problems are solved! A farm table will host plenty of guests and an overabundance of food! Farm tables were created to promote large gatherings of friends and families. They give you the needed space for everything Thanksgiving. Plenty of room for that turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes and everything else delicious!

So for this upcoming holiday season look into a getting a farm table for your family. For those of you that already have been enjoying your farm table, let your friends know what they’re missing out on! If you’re interested in switching it up this holiday season check out some of the farm tables we have online here! Check out some of the farm tables in this post and imagine how helpful one would be during the holidays!
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