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:: Your Pins For The Weekend! ::


Feature Friday

6bd86eb01831f5250ea3ec9ad98753d1 It’s Friday so you know what that means! Pins for the weekend! We love getting the weekend started off right and what better way than with some pins that inspire good coastal, beachy vibes? Our thoughts exactly! Get your boards ready ladies and  gentlemen becuase here are your pins for the weekend. Happy pinning and happy Friday!

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:: Monochromatic Decorating ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with a monochromatic yellow color palette You can never go wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. Well, that’s not entirely true, but let’s focus on the good right now. Monochromatic decorating is decor based on one color and you build the color palette around that color. If you really love blues hues then you might want to look into monochromatic decorating! It’s a great way to create an eye catching living room and with the help of monochromatic decorating these living room tips can also inspire you as well.

When you’re designing a monochromatic space you don’t need to make everything the same color. In fact, do not make everything the same color. We promise you it’s too much. Pick your main color and then compliment that color with other hues of that color or neutral colors. A good neutral color to design with in monochromatic decorating is white because white goes with everything.

We love monochromatic decorating, so naturally we have to share a few inspirational monochromatic spaces with you! Scroll down and get inspired! Do you have any favorite monochromatic spaces you’d like to share? Link us in the comments or even share with us on the Tuvalu Home Pinterest by tagging us in the pin! We’d love to see what monochromatic spaces you guys love!
Monochromatic bedroom with coastal decor Modern coastal living room with a monochromatic color scheme Monochromatic coastal cottage decorated with natural hues Monochromatic dining area decorated in all white decor Monochromatic coastal kids bedroom decorated in turquoise Monochromatic decorated coastal living room with a white and grey palette

:: Pinning For The Weekend! ::


coastal-home-coastal-patio-blues-white-decor-tuvalu-homeThe weekend is almost here! Just a few more hours and then freedom! We’ve got a few pins to get your weekend started off right! If you’re not experiencing the beautiful California weather, pin these photos to wish for better days or even warmer ones! Spring is right around the corner. Pin away, have fun and enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

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:: 4 Steps To Arranging A Beautiful Coffee Table ::


Tuesday Tips

coffee-table-plant-0214-lgn-88151434Country Living has a great step-by-step guide on how to arrange a coffee table like the designers do and we had to share. They’ve created great visuals that are easy to follow and also provide wonderful explanations that will help you grow as a designer. We grabbed these photos off their site and use their words as well, you can see the original on Country Living’s website here.
coffee-table-tray-0214-lgn-33937640Step 1: Start with a tray.

“A piece that mimics the shape of your table helps organize items neatly and acts as a pretty layering element,” Sigala explains. Then, anchor the opposite corner with an oversize book to balance out the tray. Illustrated books invite laid-back perusing. coffee-table-lidded-boxes-0214-lgn-95491327Step 2: Zero in on the remaining corners.

Envision your table in quadrants and aim for rough symmetry along the diagonals. Here, a stack of smaller books that faces off with lidded boxes corralling necessary odds and ends: remotes, matches, cards, 3: Just add personality.

“Set out things that will spark curiosity and conversation, like a collection of glass bottles,” advises Sigala. Plus, when you top stacks with an interesting object, “a large book or a pile becomes a pedestal,” she 4: Finish with organic details.

“Plants or flowers give life to any surface—literally!” says Sigala, who placed this orchid off-center for a casual look. One last thing: “Don’t overdo it—a coffee table should have plenty of space for cups of coffee!”

:: Spotted! Vintage Seltzer Bottles ::


Feature Friday

spotted-vintage-seltzer-bottles-home-decor-tuvalu-homeLook what we found in Flea Market Style Decorating! We loved flipping through this magazine that is chalk full of finds, which you’ll probably see more of later, and is inspiring for decorating ideas. While flipping through we found one of our favorites that we have here at Tuvalu Home, our beloved Vintage Seltzer Bottles. These look great in any coastal, rustic style home because of their vintage look and feel that they give the space. Head over to our online store and pick up these wonderful Vintage Seltzer Bottles here! Happy Friday!

:: Cut The Mess This Year ::


Tuesday Tips

c7f87b70a8ec6bab4e095a1870555aabStart the new year off right, cut the clutter and get rid of the mess. There’s no reason you need to bring last year’s mess with you. The year and the mess should stay where they are – in the past. Invest in some new storage or cut some of the extras you don’t need. It also means you have to put a little effort into keeping the home tidy, but that’s not hard! We’ve grabbed a few pictures to inspire you guys and show you what others are doing to fight the mess. Make it goal for yourself and even involve the family to help fight the mess this year! We support and believe in you guys! 5f414d15699ddffc048ac016a731bcb9 484e3ef1254d024b58f61b7032bbcae3 512c4bc4aebe14931ff80c39b88155dd fe16ddcc2933b071eecac2df6b53fb7e

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