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home-decor-coastal-rustic-texture-design-tuvaluhomeIf you’re looking to add a little extra style to any space in you home textures are the way to do it. Textures can be used in many different ways with many different materials. The best part is, you can use as many as you want or as many as you need.

Add texture to the walls with textured wallpapers or introduce a textured animal fur or jute rug on those wood floors. Textures are essential to creating a great space. They allow you to layer up a space without stuffing it and make the space more interesting.

Imagine you are going for a rustic look in your home. What materials are you going to use? Most likely you are going to have a lot of natural woods throughout the house. An entire home of wood would look far to cabin like so that’s when we introduce textures like metals, plush fabrics and vintage accesories. The metals will accent the woods and drive the rustic feel forward. The plush fabrics with soften the rustic look and make it feel more homey. Lastly, the vintage accessories will add the look of age and finish off the look throughout the home.

The possibilities are truly endless with the available materials we have out on today’s market. We gave you one example of how textures can create a fuller, more interesting look in a home. And we bet you can even think of one or two yourself, but what kind of post would this be without a few pictures for inspiration? Take a look at the pictures and notice the different materials the designers use in each space. More importantly, take notes on how the designers use specific textures in each space and what that texture accomplishes. You’ll be a texture wiz in no time!

home-decor-coastal-home-pouf-texture-use-in-home-tuvalu kids-coastal-room-home-decor-coastal-tuvalu-home coastal-bedroom-home-decor-texture-tuvalu-home better-home-and-garden-texture-leather-couch-home-decor-tuvalu027648739034c5148f9719fef841f7fa


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