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Coastal bedroom with a monochromatic yellow color palette You can never go wrong with a monochromatic color scheme. Well, that’s not entirely true, but let’s focus on the good right now. Monochromatic decorating is decor based on one color and you build the color palette around that color. If you really love blues hues then you might want to look into monochromatic decorating! It’s a great way to create an eye catching living room and with the help of monochromatic decorating these living room tips can also inspire you as well.

When you’re designing a monochromatic space you don’t need to make everything the same color. In fact, do not make everything the same color. We promise you it’s too much. Pick your main color and then compliment that color with other hues of that color or neutral colors. A good neutral color to design with in monochromatic decorating is white because white goes with everything.

We love monochromatic decorating, so naturally we have to share a few inspirational monochromatic spaces with you! Scroll down and get inspired! Do you have any favorite monochromatic spaces you’d like to share? Link us in the comments or even share with us on the Tuvalu Home Pinterest by tagging us in the pin! We’d love to see what monochromatic spaces you guys love!
Monochromatic bedroom with coastal decor Modern coastal living room with a monochromatic color scheme Monochromatic coastal cottage decorated with natural hues Monochromatic dining area decorated in all white decor Monochromatic coastal kids bedroom decorated in turquoise Monochromatic decorated coastal living room with a white and grey palette

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