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What’s Trending Wednesday

keyweststyle-3-lWe’re loving these Key West homes today! They’re getting us in the mood for sun and summer! We can’t wait! We know we have no right to complain about the weather since we live in California and we only have ‘one season’ year round. But it’s not true! It might not get snowy or poler vortex-like, but it definitely gets cold for us Californians! And just like the rest of you, we long for warm, sunny summer days.

So let these amazingly beautiful Key West homes bring you up and out of the cold slump and into better days. Enjoy all the rich colors and warm tones that the designers use throughout the spaces to really give it a tropical, coastal look and feel.

How nice would it be to spend some time with the family out on patio soaking up the sun and company? In due time my friends! Soon warmer weather will be here.

keyweststyle-5-l keyweststyle-9-l keyweststyle-15-lkeyweststyle-1-l

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