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What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal space with lots of art and decorReady to get the most out of your walls? Good! Because it’s time to slap some art up on them, around them and in them!

One cannot just hang any old art though, no-no. No one wants to be that person that just puts something in their home because they saw it once in a magazine. We must strive to be better than that. Sit down and have an honest, open conversation with yourself about art. Put some thought into it because it’s something you are going to be looking at it everyday and every guest that enters your home with see. This is why we choose something fun! We choose something meaningful! We choose something colorful! Something silly! Something that will be cherished and loved!

Plus half the fun is going out and searching for the art. The search for art is a great way to get to know yourself. You find your likes, dislikes and what really calls to you. Art is truly a great way to express yourself and to further imprint onto your home.

As always we won’t leave you baby birds without proper art inspiration. This, of course, is just a mere taste of what’s out in the wonderful word waiting to be added to your home. Go out into the world and find a piece that begs to be on your walls! Or realistically fire up the google and type in ‘coastal art’ or something niche like that.

Rustic style artwork hanging on the wall Coastal inspired artwork A wall full of coastal and nautical inspired artworkRetro style artwork hang in on the walls in a coastal home

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