:: Breakfast Nook Love! ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

01-diy-dream-house-dining-room-0214-xlnWe think everyone deserves to wake up in the morning and have breakfast in their own breakfast nook. Who doesn’t want to cozy up with their favorite book/magazine and a warm cup of coffee? Sounds perfect to us!

We love some of these amazing breakfast nooks and had to share with you guys! We love the built-in seating and the extra dining seats it offers. The space also gives us a little extra space to compliment the kitchen decor and take it step further.

What do you think about breakfast nooks? Love yours? Want/need one? Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to check out what these designers have done with these breakfast nooks!
01-on-the-sunny-side-breakfast-nook-0710-xln 21ff75ed4c2ad659db0a6b8fe5de6c6c Detail-Kitchen-seating-Tudor-MKOVR0905-de0ff3e47d822cf542e7e46663826e6d5a


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