:: Go Coastal With Stripes! ::


Tuesday Tips

89d42374e6e6d1f022acd3d87eff478fIt’s time for you to try some stripes on for size! They’re calling your name and we think you’re ready to answer!

There are numerous ways to decorate with stripes. You can grab striped fabrics, accessories or even paint stripes like in the picture featured below. Stripes are fun and add a little extra eye candy to any space. They also break up the solid colors in the space which fights off repetition in the room.

The beauty of stripes is that they can be used in any space and in any home. No home is left behind when it comes to stripes! Check out how these designers decorated using stripes!
03-hbx-brown-white-striped-floors-barber-0709-de-large_new 05-hbx-striped-staircase-1109-de-large_new ae70ca4a671f06dee80fa388f3037ef5 ccdda52a2a3749a3492e24adce329dbe e9616fb749d78916a7448ff50f4c4582 f2e02057ecb8f23812863001f2c921bd


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