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:: Take In The View Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal living room with a beautiful view!This weekend you deserve a treat! Actually, you deserve one every weekend! So this weekend, why not treat yourself to a nice view?? Grab a coffee, pack a picnic or just bring your favorite book to your favorite spot. You know which spot we’re talking about: the one with the most beautiful view, the one you can’t wait to get to after a long day, the one you love showing the people closest to you. We thought we would give you a little head start with this weekend pins post. You know, give you a little inspiration to get out and take in the views. And use this weekend to it’s fullest! Go outside and enjoy the weekend! Happy Friday!

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coastal backyard with a viewCoastal dining with a view!Coastal patio with a beach view! Coastal patio for two!


:: Modern/Eclectic Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips

61905cd904fdce7698b96939f2e6ff0cModern coastal and electric coastal design is exactly what you think it is. It’s fun, bright and of course unique. These styles work best for those who love the coastal style, but want to add a little more punch and then give it a twist. The styles let the designer really play with colors and patterns as well. There’s no such thing as too wild or too bright! Anything can be used and incorporated in to the space with no problem at all.

One characteristic of the style is the hard modern lines that come from the decor in the space. Typically it’s from the furniture such as a coffee table, side table or even a bed frame. These lines give the space the modern look, but it is usually blended into the space with complimenting decor. The decor tends to be bright and colorful which makes decorating for this style fun. It’s typical to see pops of bright color layered on top of natural decor pieces to balance out the space. The color draws in the viewers eyes and the designer uses the natural decor pieces or natural colored pieces to fill the space so it’s doesn’t appear empty. You will also notice that the base color in most modern, eclectic spaces is a neutral color. This allows for the decor to really shine. It’s not rare to see bright colors on the walls every once in awhile as well.

A big design piece used in these styles is art. Art really drives the style home. It can be used in two different ways in these styles. First, it can be used as a focal point. The designer will design the space around the piece making it the center of attention. They will use other pieces that compliment the art and make it really stand out. Second, the art will just be a complimentary piece. Something that has the palette colors in it, but is subtle and doesn’t demand attention. This way the walls are covered and not left looking empty.

These styles are usually pretty minimal as well. They let the patterns and colors do the talking, there’s no need to cram the space with extra accessories. The accessories that are used in the spaces tend to be unique and special. The same goes with the furniture.  Once again, giving the viewers something fun to look at.

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:: Scandinavian Coastal Style ::


Tuesday Tips

24c45386dfdea4cd6588a8b1df0198dcScandinavian coastal design is a style that easily recognizable. You’ve seen it before and, just like us, you wish your home was decorated with this style. It’s most noticeable feature is the all the white decor. It has all white everything. If there is any color, it’s minimal and typically a neutral or natural tone.

Another big design aspect of the style is the open, airy feeling in the space. Each room feels spacious and roomy. This is achieved by using limited amounts of decor in each space. It’s a minimal design that uses simple, natural pieces. Without trying to get as much as a designer can in the space, it really gives the room a chance to open up and for the viewer to enjoy the space.

This style also uses a lot of natural light. It sets the entire tone for the space and compliments the open, airy feel of the space.
6055920131_32b7a2fcc5_of983cf7ca1bd6adbee4bbff967500edagrey-coastal-living-room-paul-massey18f364f1bef7512cfab033c3e993796a7 593a98bfbeebaefc2e587401f70cd43f 788b10bf722903b155a8e0b319183ce9 3375f73d6287e8410240011d8ce73a4c 87773b01c67af7d103f87fac8ed073b8 3953000324b5d6340fe23bedf8e39ba2 b71ca8b18713ca7c350a1b53f0772666 c7031e060aef33269ec29f296e39029b cf06725a16c01309147c56f0db7d51de e2875a54ccaf189bf1a7f91c54cc046f ec824d502d7e7e29fb08c83ccb881a65

:: Keep It Beachy With These Weekend Pins! ::


Feature Friday

3d4c7ce8893fabc4b56da80f05e10367This week has been a real scorcher! It’s been in the 90’s consistently and even hit 100+ a few times! So a much needed beach day, or two, is definitely needed this weekend to keep cool and to add to that golden tan. To get in the spirit of the beach we’ve gathered up some nice beachy decor style pictures for your guys’ weekend pins! Get those boards ready, pin these up and then head off to the beach! We’ll meet you guys there!

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:: Beach Cottage/Coastal Rustic Design Style ::


Tuesday Tips

d740060d3279d271ac8b3b6f219d2423The beach cottage and coastal rustic design styles are staples in coastal decor. We’ve put these two styles together because they really go hand in hand. The beach cottage style is all about comfort, being cozy and weathered decor. Doesn’t that sound just like rustic coastal decor? It does to us too, so that’s why we gladly combine these styles! Without further adieu, let’s get into what makes the beach cottage/coastal rustic decor unique.

The first thing you notice about the beach cottage/coastal rustic style is the immediate comfort the space offers. This style is all about welcoming you into a cozy space that you can curl up in on a cold winter night or take it easy on a hot summer day. The decor style invites you to forget about your worries and let go. You will also notice all of the textures that come along with the style. This is due to the fact that this style heavily incorporates weathered and vintage pieces. Another big theme throughout the style is the wood work. Whether it be the floors or furniture, there’s going to be wood. It’s most likely going to be stained, weathered or painted because that’s what the style calls for. It’s also very common to see wood paneling on the walls. This adds to the decor and the wood theme is usually carried throughout the home.

Cottages are known to be cozier (word friendly version of small) and that means you have to get creative with the space. That can mean little nooks, built in’s and many other creative ways to utilize the small amount of space you have to work with. Of course not every coastal cottage is small. Some have a lot of space and give the designer the opportunity to play in it. So instead of using standard, cottage friendly furniture pieces they can use larger ones that can add dramatic depth and style to the space.

The furniture used in this style is usually wood based. It keeps with the cottage theme and ties in with the wood flooring that’s already in place. Designers have been known to work in a few pieces that incorporate metals, but they are used sparingly in the home. The pieces also tend to have a vintage, rustic look. This gives the designer the opportunity to actually work with real vintage pieces that give the home unique charm. This idea carries through to the accessories and where we think the style really comes through. The accessories are the whipped cream and cherry on top! It’s very common to see trunks and weathered coastal inspired pieces in this style. Like old pieces off sail boats, vintage looking art and lots of driftwood. This style also gives way to the use of vintage knick knacks throughout each space. The designer can really have fun and get creative with what vintage accessories they want.

If you weren’t already sold on this style, we’ve got a few pictures for you guys to check out and see what we’re talking about. We tried to give you guys a mix of what’s out there when it comes to the style without branching off into any other style (which is a lot harder to do than you think). If you have anything to add to our beach cottage, coastal rustic design style post please let us know! We’d love to know your favorite design aspects of the style and anything you think we should know!

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:: Sail Off Into Your Weekend Pins! ::


Feature Friday

Coastal living room with a beautiful sailboat!We’ve got a little wind down here in Laguna today which makes it perfect out on the water for a sailboat! We’d sure love to be on the water sailing around in the wind! Since it’s Friday, that means this weekend we can be! And it’s also time for your weekend pins! This Friday we’re cyber sailing through coastal decor! These pins all feature a space with sailboats in the them! We’re going nautical and we’re lovin’ it! Enjoy these pins and happy Friday!

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Coastal bedroom with nautical decor and a cute sailboat!Costal decor in the hue of redSuper cute coastal bedroom! Modern coastal living room decor

:: Contemporary Beach Cottage ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

0414-fire-island-living-room-lThis is a home we had to share with you guys! We found it on and hopefully you’ve seen it, but if you haven’t, you will now! This cottage is unique and worth sharing for many reasons. First, it’s in New York. When you think beach cottage the first place you think is definitely not New York. Unless it’s the Hamptons, but that usually means beach mansion. The second reason is the decor. We love what they’ve done with the place. It’s a contemporary, almost modern, style that mixes in some classic rustic, beach cottage decorations. The styles mix well and the feeling it gives the space is great. Third, the color palette.  The colors work so well! The dull, grey exterior does a 180 when you walk inside and you’re met with the clean white base, topped with bright accents. It’s a great move by the designer and looks amazing! Last, but definitely not least, is that view! Can’t beat walking out onto your porch and seeing the open sea. We love it! If you want more details head on over to Coastal Living’s website here.
0414-fire-island-dining-room-l0414-fire-island-day-bed-l0414-fire-island-kitchen-l0414-fire-island-bedroom-l0414-fire-island-bathroom-l0414-fire-island-deck-l0414-fire-island-porch-l*images by Coastal Living


:: Tour de Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips


So you like coastal design? Great! Because we do too! The best part about coastal design and decor is that there’s much more to it than pretty shells and cute hues of blue. There are multiple types of coastal decor within the design style. They are beach cottage/rustic, Scandinavian, modern/eclectic, Mediterranean and tropical. Each design style has it’s own unique characteristics that we plan on looking at and breaking down. In the coming Tuesday tips posts we’ll feature one of the design styles and show you guys what they’re all about. To give you all a quick preview of what’s to come we’ve found living rooms from each style to include in this post. Stay tuned and check back in to see each style up close and personal!

Beach Cottage/Rustic




Mediterranean mediterranean-coastal-style-living-room-decor-tuvalu-home


Tropical tropical-coastal-decor-living-room-tuvalu-home-2

:: Weekend Coastal Living Room Pins ::


Feature Friday

2aac64a8964460b709b0eb86e1a18439It’s so hot out today! Right now it says it’s 80, but theres no way! It’s gotta be way hotter than that! But you know what the hot weather means, right? Beach!! We can’t wait to go hit the beach! We can work on our summer tans and cool off in the water. The weekend is here so that means we’re off to the water! Before we go though, we’ve got some pins for you guys! We’ve gathered these images to help you pad your boards and get in the coastal spirit! Enjoy your weekend and happy Friday!

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