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0414-fire-island-living-room-lThis is a home we had to share with you guys! We found it on CoastalLiving.com and hopefully you’ve seen it, but if you haven’t, you will now! This cottage is unique and worth sharing for many reasons. First, it’s in New York. When you think beach cottage the first place you think is definitely not New York. Unless it’s the Hamptons, but that usually means beach mansion. The second reason is the decor. We love what they’ve done with the place. It’s a contemporary, almost modern, style that mixes in some classic rustic, beach cottage decorations. The styles mix well and the feeling it gives the space is great. Third, the color palette.  The colors work so well! The dull, grey exterior does a 180 when you walk inside and you’re met with the clean white base, topped with bright accents. It’s a great move by the designer and looks amazing! Last, but definitely not least, is that view! Can’t beat walking out onto your porch and seeing the open sea. We love it! If you want more details head on over to Coastal Living’s website here.
0414-fire-island-dining-room-l0414-fire-island-day-bed-l0414-fire-island-kitchen-l0414-fire-island-bedroom-l0414-fire-island-bathroom-l0414-fire-island-deck-l0414-fire-island-porch-l*images by Coastal Living


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