:: Modern/Eclectic Coastal Design ::


Tuesday Tips

61905cd904fdce7698b96939f2e6ff0cModern coastal and electric coastal design is exactly what you think it is. It’s fun, bright and of course unique. These styles work best for those who love the coastal style, but want to add a little more punch and then give it a twist. The styles let the designer really play with colors and patterns as well. There’s no such thing as too wild or too bright! Anything can be used and incorporated in to the space with no problem at all.

One characteristic of the style is the hard modern lines that come from the decor in the space. Typically it’s from the furniture such as a coffee table, side table or even a bed frame. These lines give the space the modern look, but it is usually blended into the space with complimenting decor. The decor tends to be bright and colorful which makes decorating for this style fun. It’s typical to see pops of bright color layered on top of natural decor pieces to balance out the space. The color draws in the viewers eyes and the designer uses the natural decor pieces or natural colored pieces to fill the space so it’s doesn’t appear empty. You will also notice that the base color in most modern, eclectic spaces is a neutral color. This allows for the decor to really shine. It’s not rare to see bright colors on the walls every once in awhile as well.

A big design piece used in these styles is art. Art really drives the style home. It can be used in two different ways in these styles. First, it can be used as a focal point. The designer will design the space around the piece making it the center of attention. They will use other pieces that compliment the art and make it really stand out. Second, the art will just be a complimentary piece. Something that has the palette colors in it, but is subtle and doesn’t demand attention. This way the walls are covered and not left looking empty.

These styles are usually pretty minimal as well. They let the patterns and colors do the talking, there’s no need to cram the space with extra accessories. The accessories that are used in the spaces tend to be unique and special. The same goes with the furniture.  Once again, giving the viewers something fun to look at.

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