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1a42159a89c4fa2555217401d862df48The Nautical Design Style is more than a staple in coastal decor. It is almost, no pun intended, the flagship of the design styles. It embodies the coastal lifestyle with it’s origins and decorations. It doesn’t get any more coastal than using things off of boats as decoration in the home. Well, maybe using sand? But who really wants to clean up that mess? We’re not going to!

The style originates back to the East Coast along the Atlantic coastal line. It also has a few different names; some of the more recognizable names are New England Coastal Style and American Coastal Style. Both are fitting considering the region in which the style started and the color palette used in most nautical style homes.

In Nautical Coastal Design you will see lots of reds, whites and blues which gives way to the name American Coastal Style. It’s also very common for American flags to be part of the decoration as well. The colors are bright and bold which let the style really pop! Along with the colors comes the main patterns – stripes. They will always show up in the Nautical Style. In some shape or form they will be in the room: it can be printed fabric on the sofa, painted on the walls or laid on the ground in the rug’s design . Stripes are a big design staple in the decor and will always be used in it.

Other accesorries that are used as decoration in the Nautical Style are boat flags, life raft rings, fishing buoys, boat paddles and model sail boats. That’s just a few of the pieces used in the design though. There are plenty more, but these are used more often. Basically, if it comes off of a boat it’s perfect for the Nautical Style. But really, if it has to do with boats, sailing to the ocean in anyway, you’re on the right path for the Nautical Style.

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