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Coastal home and dining with large mason jars lined up on the table. Mason jars are the Swiss Army Knives of home decor. They can be used for everything: such as decor as is, to store shells or other coastal accessories, replacement flower vases, in the kitchen as drink glasses or for food storage and that’s just to name a few of their uses. The list truly is as long as your imagination is, or at least until Pinterest runs out of suggestions. The jars are cute and handy, plus they are an ode to simpler times. They give us slight nostalgic feels from a time that once was. Mason jars are also easy to get your hands on as well, most grocery stores still carry them. Finding certain glass colors or sizes can be lead you on more of a hunt, but once you find your dream mason jars it’s worth it. Alright, enough words, let’s look at some mason jars and see how designers are using them in their spaces. Today we’ve gathered mason jar photos that show off their versatility. Take a gander and use them as inspiration for you mason jar journeys.  Coastal home with sailboat decor and mason jar storage. Mason jar flower vases. Mason jar food storage in the kitchen. Scandi inspired decor with cute mason jars with flowers.

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