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:: Coastal Party Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal dining on the waterHot and fresh out of the kitchen, it’s the weekend! We’re about to have some fun! This week’s Weekend Pins post features outdoor spaces gearing up for a coastal gathering. Take advantage of this Labor Day weekend and get outside! Call everyone up and get the grill started! And make sure they know to bring lots of wine and smiles! Get those boards ready, pin these pins and then head out to enjoy your weekend. Happy Labor Day!

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Coastal bar with drinks for the party! Coastal outdoor dining on the water Outdoor dining on the patio decorated in stripes Outdoor dining with a beautiful view

:: Sunset Magazine ::


sunset-magazine-laguna-beach-tuvalu-home-1We were recently talked about in Sunset magazine! They featured our lovely little town, Laguna Beach. They talk about the best of the best in our beach town and guess who was featured for best shopping? That’s right, we were! And we’re not going to fight them on it. So head down to the store and pick up a copy of this month’s Sunset and read up on their picks for Laguna. Then come on into the store and say hi!

:: Backyard Must Have – Outdoor Rug ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal outdoor space with a cozy seating set up and a eclectic outdoor rugIt’s been nice and toasty here in Southern California and we’ve been outside as much as we can be! Actually, it’s more like as long as we can. The heat really gets you if you’re out too long in the middle of the day, but when the suns starts to set and it starts to cool it’s perfect. Perfect for a little down time after a work day or a nice outdoor dinner with the family. One thing we love in our backyards when we’re out battling the heat is an outdoor rug. It’s an absolutely backyard must have! It keeps those toes from burning and works as a great design piece. Outdoor rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The rug can be bright, bold, neutral and even natural. They’re ready to take on the weather and any other mess you throw their way. Most importably, they make your coastal backyard look great!

Are you in the market for an outdoor rug? Then check out some of our rug options on our online store here!
Coastal patio with a fun bamboo swing and an outdoor jute rug Our furry friends enjoy the outdoor space Outdoor coastal backyard sitting area with a great outddor rugCoastal outdoor space with a bright and bold pattern sofa

:: Pins From Happy Mundane ::


tuvalu-home-happy-mundane-pinterestHappy Mundane blogger Jonathan Lo pinned some of our products up on his home goods board! Head on over and check out the rest of his boards here!

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:: Something Coastal Weekend Pins ::


Amazing coastal details that compliment each other with colors and texturesThe weekend is here! It’s Friday and we hope you’re acting like it! For this week’s Weekend Pins post we’ve got a great little collection of coastal pins for your boards. We found a fun mix of pin worthy pictures that feature great coastal, nautical and tropical decor. So get those pin buttons ready and start hitting those boards ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy the weekend and happy Friday!

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Gorgeous bathroom with an amazing mix of textures Minimal coastal deisgn with touches of vintage and nautical decor Nautical bedroom designed with bueaitful hues of blue Tropical backyard space with an inviting hammock

:: Rue Magazine Featured Tuvalu! ::


Feature Friday

rue-magazine-tuvalu-home-featureWe were featured on Rue Magazine! They’ve included some of our design project photos and got some great words from Tuvalu Home’s owner Laurie Alter! We’re so excited to share the feature with you guys! Head on over and check it out here! Don’t forget to bounce around their site while you’re there!

:: Creative Wallpaper Ideas ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal decorated bookcase with a marble inlufenced wallpaper inlayWallpaper’s not just for the walls anymore. Designers and creatives are pushing the potential for wallpaper. They’re putting in places that we should have been using it a long time ago, but for some reason we haven’t. Thanks to the internet – let’s be honest, Pinterest – people are sharing their creative ideas and uses of wallpaper which gets the wheels turning for everyone else. Finding new and exciting places to slap that wallpaper is pushing decor, design and style to another level. And we love it.

Check out some of these creative wallpaper ideas we’ve put in this post. Our favorite has to be the the picture right below this text. Look at the fireplace, that’s Ralph Lauren’s black Yacare Crocodile wallpaper on the chimney breast. We absolutely love that idea and placement. It definitely gets some ideas going in our heads.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan? Also, what are some creative wallpaper ideas you’ve seen? Don’t behind afraid to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you guys!
Beauitful living room with Ralph Lauren's black Yacare Crocodile wallpaper on the chiminey Cute kids room with wallpaper laid in the cabinet Kitchen cabinets with wallpapered cupboards Tropical room with wallpaper on the walls and on the door

:: 3 Quick Tips For A Kid Friendly Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal living room ready to take on the family

Kids are a huge factor when it comes to home design. Designing for the kids is completely different than designing for an empty nest, especially when it comes to younger kids. The way you shop for furniture and accessories is completely different. That’s why we have 3 quick tips for a kid friendly living room. We want to get you started on the right foot. Get you thinking about a few key things when it comes to designing with kids in mind.

1. Upholstery that can take a beating.

The sofa and the chairs are going into battle. It’s furniture versus children and the kids have the upper hand. The upholstery will be jumped on, spilled on and dirtied up. Invest in materials that can stand the abuse and can be easily cleaned. One choice to consider is leather. Leather can stand up to the abuse and can be cleaned fairly easy. Leather isn’t your style? Start looking into slipcovers – now. They will become your best friends when the messes come. Just pull them off and wash them, life can be that easy.

2. Pick out a strong coffee table.

This is a must. You NEED a coffee table that will last. This is going to be a crucial piece in the living room. The kids will use it for many things and you’ll be extremely thankful you picked out a good coffee table. It will be used as a place to eat, a place to play, a place for crafts and many other activities. Do it right the first time and get a solid, reliable coffee table.

3. Choose a wipe worthy paint.

Not all paint is created equal. You find this out when you have kids. Some how, some way, it ends up on the walls. Researchers still have no idea how this happens. It’s truly inevitable which means you need to cover the walls with paint that can stand a deep cleaning. Look into paint that can hold up with a thorough wipe down and won’t fade after the first clean. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a little extra touch up paint handy, but let’s hope it never gets to that point.

coastal living room inviting you to come in and relax coastal living room ready to entertain and provide comfort coastal living room with a great view! coastal living room with texture enhancing details

:: Enjoy The Weekend Pins ::


Modern coastal mix done up in whiteThe weekend is in full swing and here’s a few more cherries to top off that weekend sundae. Get those boards ready ladies and gentlemen because we’ve gathered some great coastal inspired pins for this week’s Weekend Pins post. Each pinable picture shows a different coastal scene that we love and wanted to share with you guys. Pad the boards and tuck these away for great coastal inspiration when you’re doing your next project!
Coastal bedroom Open, airy coastal space that effortlessly invites guests in Rustic, coastal space with a neutral tones Tropical inspired patio space with plenty of natural decor