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:: Newer Isn’t Always Better – Vintage Details ::


Tuesday Tips

A vintage trunk doubles as a coffee table in a cute coastal living roomIt’s easy to get lost in new accessories and furniture that’s readily available for us to decorate our homes with. We pop into the store and it’s on the shelf waiting for us. It’s easy and accessible, something we crave relentlessly in the 21st century. Then there’s the other side of decorating. The hunting and collecting of vintage pieces for the home. The search can take a long time when you’re looking for something specific in the color or condition. Other times, you’re open to anything and the piece jumps right off the shelf.

Finding antiques and vintage pieces is fun way to decorate your home. One perk about vintage pieces is that you don’t have to fill the entire room with them to show off the style. A couple main pieces or even small accessories can get the job done. Check out how these spaces use vintage finds to decorate and really bring out the best of the style.

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Coastal nautical space decorated with vintage inspired decor Shell details in a vintage looking glass jar Vintage details on a beauitful decorated cabinet Vintage sea glass bottles covering a weathered sideboard

:: Fall Decor Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Get ready for this upcoming fall! Check out this great coastal fall decorThis week we’ve got coastal fall decor pins for everybody and their boards! Fall decor is starting to make its way all over Pinterest and we’re here to help spread these great photos as well as show the amazing work these designers have done. So get used to the pumpkins and stnning fall foliage because it’s the season! Get inspired and start thinking of some fun fall designs for your home! Happy Friday!

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Coastal decor fall details Coastal fall dining set up. Look at those cute mini pumpkins! Fall decor complimented with some cute pumpkins and great textures Welcomed home to beautiful fall decor

:: Falling For Brown Decor ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Natural tones in a coastal living room with brown accentsFall is slowly creeping up on us. Soon the leaves will start to change colors and before we know it winter will be here – yikes! We’re still dreaming about summer and we never want it to end! Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans. Fall decor is starting to come out and the color palettes are focusing on those natural autumn hues. Getting a head start on fall decor, we’ve seen a lot of brown hues starting to show up in homes. Right behind them are the oranges and the, aggressively pushed every fall season, purples. Check out how these designers are using brown hues this fall! We’ve gathered a few images that use brown as their base color and/or their accent color to give you guys some ideas and inspiration.
Coastal living room with a brown color palette Coastal living room with brown aceents on a neutral palette Outdoor coastal vignette with brown accents Turqoise accents on a brown base in a coastal space

:: 3 Styles, One Piece of Furniture Ft. The Side Table! ::


Tuesday Tips

Tropical coastal living room details. Great looking side table made with bamboo!In today’s interior design world, style names are thrown around everywhere and slapped on everything. There are the main style categories, like our favorite coastal, and there are usually multiple sub-style categories in each style. It can get quite confusing at times and makes it easy to get lost in decor styles. Well want to help you with that! We’re going to take a look at a few sub-styles in coastal design with our main emphasis being on coastal styles because, well, we love coastal decor! This way we’ll give you the style name, show you a piece of furniture that fits that style and give you a little info as to why it’s labeled the way it’s labeled. Please keep in mind, this is not an absolute guide! There will be pieces in each style that look very different, but are classified in the same style and some pieces that you don’t know what to do with! Our descriptions are based on the piece we have featured in the post. So keep that in mind! Now scroll down and get to know a few sub-styles in coastal decor!
Rustic, cottage coastal side table painted turquoiseRustic Coastal

This side table is about as rustic coastal as it gets. How can you tell? It looks weathered, the color is a typical coastal palette color and it’s made of wood. Rustic coastal is an easy style to spot. It tends to looks 0ldish and it looks like it was found on or near the beach. This style can easily be confused with cottage coastal, american coastal scandinavian coastal (based on color), or even the main style rustic. What separates the styles? A lot, but for this piece it’s the look of the weathered wood matched with the bright, coastal color that’s faded like it’s been sitting out in the sun.

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Modern coastal side table with a weathered wood top and metal legsModern Coastal

This style is synonymous with clean lines and sleek decor. What makes this side table modern coastal? The lighter, wood top and the clean, metal legs. It would blend effortlessly into a modern living room or bedroom. Does this mean all side tables and furniture that have wood tops with metal legs are modern coastal? No! Of course not! This table’s light wood colored, weathered top gives the piece a look that would be welcomed into a coastal home. This style can be confused with eclectic coastal and industrial coastal.

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Tropical coastal side table with bamboo legs and accentsTropical Coastal 

This style is an easy one to pick out. You ask yourself one simple question: If i were on a tropical island, would I see this piece of furniture there? If it’s an easy yes, then it’s tropical coastal decor. It’s really that easy. The style uses a lot of bamboo and other natural tropical woods in the furniture which makes spotting these pieces quite easy. This style can also be known as island style or beach style because of the natural feel it gives.

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:: Don’t Forget The Details Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Blue coral and other coastal details that add to the decor in the coastal spaceThe details of a room are what make the space unique. They allow you to bring your personal touch to the design and decor, but let’s be real, they give us an excuse to shop! The details are like the cherry on top of a sundae in coastal decor. Finishing off a space, the details sit on top and catch your eye. Without accessories to give the room detail it looks empty and bare. No one wants to live in home that’s cold and emotionless. So don’t hesitate to grab some shells or coral for the room! Maybe even start displaying your collection!

If you’re looking to add details to your home, head on over to our online store here! Cute coastal designed space! Who wants to play some tic-tac-toe??Shells, ships, coral and more! Great coastal accessories adding to the detail of the space!Simple details make this coastal space a delight to look atCoastal details set a great scene and add to the style of the space

:: 3 Quick Tips To Living Room Furniture ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal living room full of fun patterns with a blue and white color paletteThe living room is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s ranks right behind the kitchen and we’re sure if it was possible to merge the two without it looking/being weird it would be done in every home. With such importance put on this room, why would you not try to make it the best possible? Make it the best for function, the best in design and the best in decor. Today we’ve got 3 quick tips on living room furniture to help you with just that! So without further adieu, here they are!

1. Space, space, space. 

Space is a very important part of the living room. How much? How little? What measurements? Where will this fit? Will this fit? Does it scale? Not only is it important to make sure your furniture will actually fit, but it’s equally important to figure out where you will have empty space. There’s no need to cram as much as you can into the living room. Make sure the room has some space to breathe and allow for everyone to move around the room comfortably.

2. Invest in the future.

There’s a classic saying that goes, “You get what you pay for.” This is especially true when it comes furniture. Your furniture is going to take a beating. Maybe you won’t have kids and animals running and jumping all over it, or maybe you will, but your furniture still takes a good amount of abuse. So make sure you don’t cheat yourself by trying to take a cheap route!

3. Like the seasons, colors change.

A color palette can change with the blink of an eye. Imagine walking into a new space and you’re instantly inspired. It makes you think about your colors and what you want to change. This is why you should decide on your furniture colors last. Get an idea of what type of furniture or how you want it to look and go from there. Go bright and bold or monochromatic, it’s pretty common for furniture to come in a multitude of colors and patterns these days so that should’t be too much of a problem. If not, it’s time to get DIY and now that piece has become personal as well as custom.
Coastal living room with great artwork and funky patterns Great coastal living room full of textures and unique decor Nautical inspired decor in the living room, complete with the view! Rustic, coastal cottage style living room done in neutrals

:: Happy Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Coastal outdoor space with great sea glass jugs and rustic style furnitureWhat comes after Friday? The two best days of the week, Saturday and Sunday! And that means it’s time for the weekend! This week’s Weekend Pins post is all about good decor and happy vibes. We hope it spills over into your weekend and you enjoy yourself. So get those boards ready and start pinning! Happy Friday!

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Coastal space decorated in blue. Lovin' all the different hues! Coastal vignette with nautical influences from the rope mirrors Cute boho chic sofa and pillows. In love with the patterns! Nautical bedroom with fun, coastal accessories overlooking the water

:: 3 Quick Tips On Playing With Bright Colors ::


Tuesday Tips

bold blue accents on a white nuetral base in this cozy family roomLooking to bring more color into your home? Then you’re in the right place because we’ve got 3 quick tips on playing with bright color in your home!

1. Start with the neutral. 

If you want your bright decor to really stand out use a neutral base to let it shine. Avoid creating competition within your decor. There only needs to be one star and that’s the bright color you choose to accent.

2. Be consistent.

Use the color in every space of the home. There’s no need for every room to have large amounts of the color you choose to accent, but dropping little splashes in each room can help carry the color palette throughout the home. It keeps the design consistent and let’s your eye easily flow from one room to the next.

3. Mix it up.

Not all hues are not created equal. Use this to your design advantage by focusing on your primary colors and complimenting them with different shades of the hue. This way you can let your primary colors shine while still filling the room with more decor.

Bright colors and patterns in the bedroom with great coastal decor Brightly colored designed room with a great open feeling Coastal kitchen with a bright color block island Coral inspired bright colors and fun patterns in a coastal bedroom