:: Display Your Collection On The Wall ::


Tuesday Tips

Vintage swimsuits displayed on the wall of a coastal homePeople naturally collect things. We decide on something we like then head out and hunt for the item. After a healthy amount of rummaging through flea markets, you have a collection you feel is worth showing. How are you going to display the collection you worked so hard to find? We have a suggestion, head to the walls! Walls are a great way to display your collections! They give us plenty of space to show off our finds. Plus they provide extra room for you to add to your collection because let’s be honest, it never stops growing.

Kick up the collection with frames and get fancy with it. Frames are a good way to display the collection on the wall and let people know you’re proud of your hard work. Another way is to invest in wall shelves and prop your collection up for all to see. It’s great way to open up the home for other decor and design elements. Using the walls helps you make the most of the space in your home and prevents the over cluttering of side consoles or tables. So head to the walls and start displaying your collection today!
Coastal wall collection of shells Model sail boats displayed on the wall Nautical collection of sail boat pictures and models Nautical floats hanging from the wall


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