:: Don’t Forget The Details Weekend Pins ::


Feature Friday

Blue coral and other coastal details that add to the decor in the coastal spaceThe details of a room are what make the space unique. They allow you to bring your personal touch to the design and decor, but let’s be real, they give us an excuse to shop! The details are like the cherry on top of a sundae in coastal decor. Finishing off a space, the details sit on top and catch your eye. Without accessories to give the room detail it looks empty and bare. No one wants to live in home that’s cold and emotionless. So don’t hesitate to grab some shells or coral for the room! Maybe even start displaying your collection!

If you’re looking to add details to your home, head on over to our online store here! Cute coastal designed space! Who wants to play some tic-tac-toe??Shells, ships, coral and more! Great coastal accessories adding to the detail of the space!Simple details make this coastal space a delight to look atCoastal details set a great scene and add to the style of the space

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