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:: Style With Sage ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal bedroom with great decor and a sage color paletteWhen we think of coastal colors we immediately think of blues, whites and yellows. The green hues can be forgotten even though they are a huge part of the coastal palette, especially the color sage. Sage is a great color for any coastal home. It’s easy on the eyes, calming and adds a sense of serenity to the space. It allows you to mix in all sorts of colors into it as well. Natural materials work great with the color and allow you to really bring out the coastal style. Take a look at how these designers have used the hue to decorate these spaces and make them look great!
Cute, cottage style kitchen with sage painted walls and cabinets Rustic, modern kitchen with sage cabinets and minimal design aspects Sage colored walls, fabric and accents! Gorgeous coastal dining space! Coastal bedroom decorated in sage hues and nautical decor


:: 3 Serving Pieces Perfect For The Thanksgiving Table! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal Thanksgiving table with a hint of rustic styleThanksgiving is right around the corner! Is your table ready to host? There’s still time if you’re not! Today we’ve grabbed 3 of our favorite serving pieces that we know would work great on your table this Thanksgiving. Not hosting? Well, you can’t show up empty handed! Our mother’s raised us better than that. Use one of these trays to bring your table offering! Or bring wine. Okay, bring wine. Bring both – or just wine. Either way, scroll down and check out our three serving piece choices! Happy cooking and baking!

12″ Marble Cheese Platter
Looking to bring an appetizer? Get everyone ready for that turkey with this great marble cheese platter. You can always do more than cheese on this little guy as well. Maybe some bread? The choice is yours. Grab the 12″ marble cheese platter here!
Arte Italica Rectangular Tray 
arte italica rectangular tray
The arte italica rectangular tray is perfect for those buttery, creamy mash potatoes! Pile them high and then let them loose on your hungry guests! Maybe you’re looking to go a little healthier with some tasty green beans. Both are perfect and easily handled by this beautiful serving tray. Pick up the arte italica serving tray here!
Wood & Metal Pedestals
wood & metal pedestals set of threeWant to avoid crowding or just add little more depth to the table? Use the wood & metal pedestals to do just that! They’ll break up the boring look of trays and bowls laying single file on the table and give your thanksgiving table a fun look. Get the wood & metals pedestals here!

Still in need of more serving pieces! We’ve got you covered! Check out all of our serving pieces here!

:: Coastal Thanksgiving Table Decor ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal Thanksgiving table decor with rustic influences and fall decorationsThanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year! Do you know why? Is it all of the family time? Maybe. Is it all of the fall decor? Maybe. Is it the pumpkin spice lattes? Maybe. Is it the all-you-can-stuff-into-your-little-tummy-until-you-pass-out-into-a-turkey-coma and then overdose on pumpkin pie? Yes! That’s exactly it! We have a blast cooking for the family and getting everyone together at the table. Is your Thanksgiving table ready for everyone though? If not, that’s perfectly okay! Today we’ve got you and your table covered! Take a look at how these tables are designed. They’ve got their centerpiece covered, they brought out beautiful tableware and they’ve done it with ease.

When you look at the tables you’ll notice one main theme – space. They kept the decor simple and didn’t cover every inch of the table. Let the food be the final touch of the decor! Let those sweet ‘taters and stuffing do the heavy lifting. Plus, on Thanksgiving we need all the table space we can get! And don’t forget you already have enough to clem up in the kitchen. Make the table easier for yourself later on. If you still need to grab some extra pieces for the table, come on down to the store or check out our online store! Go straight to the kitchen section here!

Coastal Thanksgiving driftwood centerpiece Coastal Thanksgiving table decorated with pumpkins, shells and beachy decor Open, airy feeling coastal Thanksgiving table. Less can be more when it comes to decor Rustic Thanksgiving table decorated in a simple, minimal style

:: Spotted in Real Simple Magazine! ::


Feature Friday

spotted marble salt bowl and marble swivle top salt boxspotted frosted glass hurricanes tuvalu homeIf you pick up this month’s Real Simple magazine you’ll see some of our products featured in the White Plate Special Thanksgiving table feature! They use our marble salt bowl and our marble swivel-top salt box in one table setting and our frosted-glass hurricane in the other one! They look great and we’re so excited to be featured in the magazine! If you want to add these to your table for this upcoming Thanksgiving, or for year round decorations, you can pick them up now online! Happy Friday!

1. Marble Salt Bowl.

2. Marble Swivle-Top Salt Box.

3. Frosted-Glass Hurricanes. 

:: Yellow Hues Are Stepping Up ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Great color palette really taking advantage of yellow huesYellow has been popping up in coastal decor lately and it’s timing is perfect! It has always been a staple color in coastal decor. It’s warm, welcoming and reminds us of summer. This time of the season, it’s also a staple color in fall decor. Fall is notorious for the changing leaves which produce bright, vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. The bright, sunshine yellows and dark mustards are coming out at the perfect time in decor this year. It’s a great hue for any coastal home any time of the year, but if you feel like getting festive with fall decor here’s your perfect hue. Take advantage of the range the hue offers and get to decorating! Check out what these designers have done with yellow hues and how they’re using them in these spaces!
Beauitful yellow painted walls to brighten up the space and pep up the decor Wonderful mix of colors and textures with a standout, deep mustard sofa Yellow accents in a coastal bedroomA fun, yellow exterior really boosts the coastal vibes of this home

:: Get That Bedroom Nice & Cozy! ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal bedroom decorated with a white pallete and rustic inspired decorIt’s starting to cool down here in Laguna and we even got some rain this past weekend! It was a nice change of pace from the heat. We were bundled up  in our throws and had our warm tea within arms each at all times. With the temperature dropping more and more each day, we want to make sure our bedroom is prepared for the cold weather. That means extra bedding, warm rugs for our toesies, lots of pillows and a night stand with plenty of room. During the fall and winter seasons we want to be able to cuddle up, turn on Netflix and stay cozy in bed all day. Oh, and for no one to judge us for wanting/doing just that.

So make sure you get your bedroom ready for the cold days ahead. Let Tuvalu Home help you! We’ve got a quick checklist for you with links to everything you need for the bedroom.

Cozy bedroom checklist:

1. Extra blankets, lots of blankets!

2. More pillows! And then some more pillows!

3. A soft, warm rug. No cold feet!

4. Nightstand surface space! Those books, drinks, and candles need room too!

Coastal bedroom with cozy bedding inviting you to stay the day in bedBeautiful white, coastal bedroom with elegant accents Cozy bedroom retreat in a coastal cottage Cozy looking beach cottage bedroom with fun patterned bedding