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What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal dining space in a cottage style home with a rustic, farm tableThere’s something cozy about rustic furniture. Maybe it’s the weathered charm that invokes feelings of the past or the idea that it perfectly serves its purpose without looking perfect. It allows you to feel like you can truly be yourself and live in your home without the worry of breaking anything like you would in a polished, immaculate home. Not only does it bring you comfort, but it also brings character. Each piece is unique in its own way. Take a look at what designers have done in these coastal spaces with rustic furniture and decor. Get inspired by these spaces and appreciate what the style can offer to you and your home.
Coastal bedroom decorated with a simple, rustic bed frame and side table Cottage vibes in the living room with coastal and rustic design elements Cute, coastal cttage with weathered, rustic furniture and decor Nautical vignette with beach decor and a rustic, weatehred side console

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