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Bright and bold space decorated with chinese chippendale chairsThe Chippendale Chair is one of the most popular chairs in coastal decor. It embodies the coastal style in an effortless way. Its history, however, is not rooted in coastal design though. An 18th century English cabinetmaker, Thomas Chippendale, is responsible for the creation of Chippendale furniture and for the name of the it as well. Thomas Chippendale created many pieces and styles of furniture, chairs were not his only contribution to furniture design. The Chippendale style also includes tables, cabinets, desks and bed frames. There are also sub-styles of the Chippendale style furniture that include Rocco, Gothic and Chinese.

The Chinese style of the Chippendale furniture is the one typically incorporated into modern day coastal decor, especially the Chippendale chairs. These chairs are often seen in coastal homes and are popular due to their design. Today’s chairs often resemble the original styles, but are made out of faux bamboo or plastics. The chair is known for its fret work on the back and legs. The fret work on the back of the chairs look like a bamboo lattice.

These chairs also come in a large variety of styles and colors which makes designing with them easy. You have probably seen the chair while searching through coastal decor pins on Pinterest and now you can put the proper name to them. We’ve also added a few examples of what Chippendale Chairs look like and how to use them in a coastal style home.

If you want to incorporate Chippendale Chairs into your home, you can shop for them on our online store here!

Coastal dining space with a long table, wicker pendant lights and chippendale chairs Coastal dining space with a shell chadelier and chinese chippendale chairs Coastal workspace with chinese chippendale furntiure Simple coastal inspired dining space with chippendale chairs

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