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Tuesday Tips

French country kitchen decor with blue chinaIf you haven’t had a chance to look into French country decor, here’s a good opportunity. Let’s start with something obvious, we love French country decor and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s basically a mesh between rustic and coastal cottage styles that slightly favors rustic decor. This is a great decor style that is easy to borrow from and incorporate parts of it into your coastal home. Such as the neutral hues, distressed/weather woodwork and antique looking furniture pieces. If you want to get more a visual feel for what we’re talking about then look no further, because we’ve got exactly that in this post. We’ve gathered a few French country decor photos that we think are great examples of what the style is all about. Check it out, see what we’re talking about and, most importantly, get inspired from French country decor.
French country decor with cottage vibes French country kitchen decor French country dining space French country decor with rustic influences and French accents

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