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Monday Pins

Coastal bedroom with ocean views without having to get out of bedIt’s a pretty safe bet to think that most people want their home to have a view. It’s also a pretty safe bet to say that if you’re reading this blog post that your preferred view would be of the ocean. If you’ve randomly stumbled onto our blog and coastal decor really isn’t your style, that’s okay! We’re very excited you’ve taken the time to stop by! We think you should hang out for awhile and explore our blog – we also think you’ll like what you’ll find! Now back to that ocean view! Having a beautiful view to wake up to every morning sounds pretty good to us. That’s why this week’s Monday Pins post is inspired by coastal style home with an ocean view! We feel like we really don’t need to explain this one, so we won’t. Get those pin buttons ready because we’ve got five pin worthy photos coming at you! Enjoy the decor in the spaces and the views that come with the home! There’s no reason not to pin these to your boards!

If you want more coastal style pins check out the Tuvalu Home Pinterest here!

Eclectic coastal living room with beach front views Minimal coastal backyard decor Modern coastal kitchen with a stunning ocean view Nautical inspired living room with a grand ocean view

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  1. Wow just beautiful!! There are certain styles that just never fade and this is one of them. I would happily spend some time this house, it would be a sacrifice but I would willingly try LOL!!!

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