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Beauitful coastal cottage spacew with minimal decor and skirted arm chairs

Decorating with skirted furniture is a great way to add style and charm to a space. They can cover up unwanted furniture legs or add volume to a piece to give it more weight. They also add instant coastal cottage feels which can make the space feel more cozy and welcoming. Using skirted furniture also bring a sense of continuity to the space. It brings the decor together while also giving you the option to break up the space by pairing furniture that is skirted with furniture that is not skirted. Say you have a separate nook you want to be it’s own space, using chairs that are not skirted can set it apart. Check out some of these beautiful, coastal spaces that have taken advantage of skirted furniture! Get inspired and a get a feel for cozy, skirted furniture!
Coastal cottage with skirted sofa and rustic inspired decor Coastal living room with white decor and a skirted sofa Coastal skirted sofa in an all white, monochromatic color palette Simple coastal living room with skirted furniture

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