:: How To Design With Little Natural Light ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal entryway with light colors and clean linesAll homes are not created equal. Every home has it’s unique features that challenge and force us to get creative. One of the biggest challenges can be natural lighting. It’s something that every home owner wants, but doesn’t always get. Also, it seems that every ’10 Way To Coastal Design’ list or article always says to design with natural light. But what if you don’t have that luxury? Are you just suppose to knock down walls or cut holes out for windows? Okay, that’s dramatic, but what are you really suppose to do? Natural light is a great suggestion to ‘design with’ and we always support the use of it, but for some homes it’s just not an option. For those finding themselves on the lower natural light end of the spectrum there is hope. We have 3 ways to decorate for darker spaces that don’t require demolition.

First, design and decorate with lighter colors. Using a lighter color palette will instantly make a room feel brighter. It’s a known fact that white reflects light and black absorbs it. If you decorate towards the whiter, lighter side of the color spectrum you will find yourself with more light in the space.

Second, add mirrors to the space to help reflect light. You’re at least going to have a window or two that will splash some light into your home and you need to take advantage of that! Use a mirror to not only open up the space, but to help add extra light.

Third, layer your lights to create a well lit and balanced space. Layering your lights consists of using ambient, task and accent lighting together in order to maximize the light. Each light source works with one another to help make a full, well lit home.
Nautical style bathroom with bold designWhite kitchen with a simple look

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