:: New Year, New Home Rule ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal home decor in a rustic beach houseThe new year is a chance to start fresh in life and in your home. One thing we can all agree on is that we never have enough space in our homes. Everyone can always use a little extra counter space here or some extra closet space there. What if we looked at this ‘space’ problem a little differently this year? What if, instead, we get rid of the stuff taking up space? This could be the year you reclaim your home and finally clear up some space for the stuff that really matters.

Can this be done? The answer is yes.

There’s one simple rule to accomplish this goal. The rule is:

If it doesn’t serve a utilitarian purpose and hasn’t been used in 6 months, get rid of it.

Donate it, sell it off, repurpose it and, if you have to, throw it out. Just get rid of it. Some people will find this task a lot harder than others. There is a major psychological element to actually get rid of items that we own. If you find yourself struggling, try bumping up the time of unused items to a year. The point is to create space in the house, get rid of clutter and free yourself from the unnecessary junk.

And before anyone says anything, there are exceptions. The exceptions can be things like collectables, heirloom pieces, extremely sentimental items and whatever you want to keep. This is just an easy guide to help you take a honest and real inventory of your belongings. We all know we don’t need 27 sweaters or 17 blankets, so let’s give it to those who do need these things. Start this year by helping yourself and others. Happy New Year!


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