:: Get Coastal in Red, White & Blue ::


Tuesday Tips

Coastal entryway decorated with the stripes of the Amrican FlagCome this 4th of July, decorate your home with style! There’s no need to go to the party supply store to grab anything and everything red, white or blue and plastered with little American Flags, because this year you are going to accessorize your home with the perfect touch of independence.

We’re talking about decorating with red, white and blue accessories and flowers throughout the home. These little pops of color will act like fireworks on the Fourth of July! Plus you can use them again next year or even throughout the year instead of throwing everything out and buying everything over again next year. And don’t forget the pièce de résistance, that good ‘ol star spangled banner – the American Flag. This is one piece that can fly year-round and will always look good. Don’t be afraid to love your country and be patriotic!

Enjoy yourself this 4th of July! Stay cool, use plenty of sun screen and enjoy the fireworks! Happy 4th of July! Rustic 4th of July Home DecorCoastal outdoor area with red stripes and blue cushionsCoastal cottage with a cozy, vintage feel



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