:: Lay Down Those Stripes ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Striped chair in a coastal living roomStripes are a classic design element and pattern in coastal decor. These lovely lines are exactly what we like during the playful summer season. We’re talking striped rugs, striped pillows, striped blankets, striped curtains, striped towels, striped accessories and whatever else we can fit these colored lines on! They bring a fun look to any space and that’s why they are always welcomed into any home except maybe a Victorian Gothic style home.

They also bring effortless style points to anything they’re on. Don’t believe us? Here’s a simple test anyone can do and it only requires a little imagination. Imagine you have two tea towels, one is white and the other is white with three red stripes. Which one are you going to pick? Most of us will probably choose the red striped tea towel and we don’t blame you because we did too.

Embrace the steps and enjoy the stripes! We’ve gathered a couple great photos that feature stripes, so don’t forget to take notes and see how these designers are using their stripes! Striped chair in a coastal homeCoastal bedroom with a blue and white stripe rugCoastal bathroom with a stripe rug Cute kitchen with a stripe rug

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