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Tuesday Tips

Coastal bathroom with a reclaimed wood counter topThe bathroom is an easy place to overlook and a great place to decorate. It’s easy because you can decorate it by simply hanging a picture or you can go all out and gut the space to install your dream bathroom. The sky is the limit! Well, actually, the space is the limit. You are very limited in what you can practically do in a bathroom, but that’s a plus!

The small space instantly changes the rules of the game. Because most bathrooms are small (we say most because not all bathrooms are created equal), it means creativity and clever design are key. You need to determine function over fashion, meaning do you want it to look good or do you want it to be a useful bathroom?

Most people want a functional bathroom for obviously reasons, but a guest bathroom gives you more options to play with. The guest bathroom gives you and your guests a place to take care of business and get out. We aren’t lounging in the tub or enjoying the walk in shower with a rain drop shower head – we’re in and we’re out. That means you can install a floating, reclaimed wood sink that has the minimal necessities to wash up and move on.

A large, spacious master bathroom gives you all the options you can ever think of and all the options your contractor can charge you for as well. We’ll let your imaginations take this one, it shouldn’t be that hard. In case you are lacking inspiration, we have a couple images of bathrooms we’re enjoying. We have picked out bathrooms that range from simple to dream bathroom to help you realize you’re missing out on a great design opportunity if you’re not decorating your bathroom.
Coastal bathroom with a rustic beach look Coastal bathroom with black and white photographs hanging on the wall Dark blues and strong woods in the bathroom Open coastal style bathroom

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