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:: 3 Ways You Can Update Those Boring Stairs ::


Tuesday Tips

Bright, well lit coastal stariwayIt’s time to breath new life into the stairs you walk up and down each day! There’s no reason not to love your stairs, so we put together this tips post to help you guys out and give you some inspiration! We’ve got three ways you can update your stairs and enjoy walking up and down your stairs. Check it out!

1. Get Your Paintbrush Ready!

A little paint can go a long way on your stairs. There are plenty of options for painting your stairs. You can paint them one solid color, multiple colors, paint patterns, or even paint scenes on them. It all depends on the look you’re going for. And when you want to change it up again, no problem! Just pick your new paint colors and start painting.

2. Time To Start Running!

A stair runner can add more than just a new look to your stairs. It can bring style, color and purpose. You can use a stair runner to bring the upstairs and downstairs decor together and keep the flow going from space to space. It will also help fight against wear if your stairs are going to get a constant beating.

3. Keep It Natural!

Not into wood stairs or stair runners? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! Natural stones and tiles can bring a new look and style into your home. You can also paint your tile to give your stairs a unique look. These materials can be used inside or outside and are built to last.

* Bonus Tip – Ditch The Typical Banister *

If you really want to change up your stairs and give them a whole new look then it’s time to try something new. Get rid of your original banister and run some thick rope instead. This nautical accessory will give your stairs the complete coastal look and leave you loving your stairs.Coastal cottage with a painted staircase Coastal entry with stairs covered in tile to match the decor hues Coastal staircase with a jute rug runner Coastal staircase with nautical ropes as handrails


:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #37 ::


Monday Pins

Beach cottage with a cozy, rustic feelIt’s Monday and it’s time for your Monday Pins! Get those pin buttons ready because your coastal home decor boards are about to get a few new additions. We’ve got a fresh batch of pins that deserve a spot on those boards. So pin ’em and share ’em and don’t forget to have a good week! Happy Monday!

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Coastal living room with lots of natural light and a large driftwood art piece hanging on the wall Open coastal living room with lots of natural light Coastal sitting area with a big piece of wall art of the ocean Nautical inspired bedroom with rustsic vintage decor

:: Tuva-Luvs – Madison ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Madison! One of her store favorites is the jamie young verona table lamp! Add an extra pop of color to any space in your home with this gorgeous ceramic table lamp. Traditional colors of blue and brown in a medallion pattern create a stunning, yet classic timeless look. The pairing with a more natural burlap shade gives an organic twist, broadening the array of many style decors this lamp will work. Add this table lamp to your home and shop the jamie young verona table lamp online now!

Find all of our store favorites and more on the Tuva-Luv Page!

:: Use The Walls To Display Your Collection ::


Tuesday Tips

Vintage swimsuits displayed on the wall of a coastal homePeople are naturally collectors. Sometimes it’s intentional and other times, well, life gets in the way and we forget to throw things away. When we decide on something to collector it seems like that’s all we want. We’re officially on the hunt! After a healthy amount of rummaging through flea markets, antique stores and garage sale, you finally amass a  collection worthy of showing. How are you going to display the collection you worked so hard to find?

We have a suggestion, head to the walls! Walls are a great way to display your collections! They give us plenty of space to show off our finds. Plus they provide extra room for you to add to your collection because let’s be honest, it never stops growing.

Get fancy with the collection and frame it! Frames are a great way to display the collection on the wall and let people know you’re proud of your hard work. Unfortunately, not all of our collections are framable, and that’s fine. Another way is to invest in wall shelves and prop your collection up for all to see. It lets you open up the space for other decor and design elements.

Using the walls helps you make the most of the space in your home and prevents the over cluttering of side consoles or tables. So head to the walls and start displaying your collection today!
Collection of wheels displayed in frames on the wall Model sail boats displayed on the wall Nautical collection of sail boat pictures and modelsNautical floats in all shapes and colors hanging from the wall

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #36 ::


Monday Pins

Coastal chic design detailsGet those pin buttons ready because it’s time for another Monday Pins post! We’ve got five more coastal home decor inspired pins ready for those Pinterest boards! Don’t wait around, start pinning and get lost in the beautiful spaces! We hope you have a good Monday and enjoy the rest of your week!

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Coastal dining space with lots of natural light and colors Coastal hallway leading to bedrooms Cute coasal nook with lots of color, textures and details Perfect coastal nook space ready to be enjoyed

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #35 ::


Monday Pins

Beach house basics in a coastal cottageMonday can only mean one thing, well it can mean a lot of things. On this blog, it only means one thing, though, it means it’s time for coastal home decor pins! That’s right, we’ve got another round of fresh pins for those coastal decor boards. So get those pin buttons ready because it’s time to pine’s and share ’em! We hope you have a good week and we hope your Monday was/is good!

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Coastal beach house that perfectly transports you away Cozy beach cottage with plenty of beach house charm Eclectic coastal home with unique decor Simple coastal bedroom set up

:: Tuva-Luvs – Ashlyn ::


Thursday Tuva-Luvs

This week our Tuva-Luv comes from Ashlyn! One of her store favorites is the palecek driftwood horse head! This piece is made from plantation teak wood that is hand-carved into a rustic horse head decor. Each piece is unique and the color, grain and size will vary. With this custom piece, knot holes, cracks, and other natural occurrences are expected and part of what makes it one of a kind! Get a closer look at the palecek driftwood horse head!

If you would like to see more Tuva-Luvs you can check out the Tuva-Luv page! See what else the Tuvalu Home team likes now!

:: Floor Pillows, Cushions & Poufs ::


What’s Trending Wednesday

Coastal living room with a cottage feelHave you thought about bringing a little pouf into your life? More importantly, into your home? These floor pillows are the perfect accessory for any family room or living room. They add a fun design element and double as a little extra seating. Who wouldn’t mind that? They’re especially great for all those entertainers out there!

In design, it’s the little things that count and a pouf can be used as a great accent in any space. They can add texture, color, or even act as a little extra filler in a large room. Tight on space or budget? No problem! These little guys are what you’re looking for! And when they’ve served their purpose or are no longer needed, you just pick up and move them out. Take a look at the poufs used these photos! They look great right??

Start shopping for poufs now online at Tuvalu Home!

Coastal living room with a blue and white stripe sofa, an accent chair and a cozy pouf Poufs in a cozy coastal cottage living room Poufs designed as extra seating in a coastal living room Nautical inspired cottage with a pouf

:: 3 Easy Tips To A Kid Friendly Living Room ::


Tuesday Tips

coastal living room ready to take on the familyChildren play a large part when it comes to home design. Designing for the kids is completely different than designing for an empty nest, especially when it comes to younger kids. The way you shop for furniture and accessories will be and is completely different. That’s why we have 3 easy tips for you on how to design a kid friendly living room! We want to get you started on the right foot. Hopefully we can get you thinking about a few key design points when it comes to decorating with kids in mind.

1. Upholstery that can take a beating.

The sofa and the chairs are going into battle. It’s furniture versus children and the kids have the upper hand. The upholstery will be jumped on, spilled on and dirtied up. Invest in materials that can stand the abuse and can be easily cleaned. If you can only get one, choose the latter of the two. One choice to consider is leather. Leather can stand up to the abuse and can be cleaned fairly easy. Leather isn’t your style? Start looking into slipcovers – now. They will become your best friends when the messes come. Just pull them off and wash them, Life can be that easy sometimes.

2. Pick out a strong coffee table.

This is a must! You NEED a coffee table that will last. This is going to be a crucial piece in the living room. The kids will use it for many things and you’ll be extremely thankful you picked out a good, sturdy coffee table. It will be used as a place to eat, a place to play, a place for crafts and many other activities. Do it right the first time and get a solid, reliable coffee table.

3. Choose a wipe worthy paint.

Not all paint is created equal. You find this out when you have kids. Some how, some way, it all ends up on the walls. Researchers still have no idea how this happens and will forever be a mystery. It’s truly inevitable which means you need to cover the walls with paint that can stand a deep cleaning. Look into paint that can hold up with a thorough wipe down and won’t fade after one clean. It also doesn’t hurt to keep a little extra touch up paint handy, but let’s hope it never gets to that point.

coastal living room inviting you to come in and relax coastal living room ready to entertain and provide comfort coastal living room with a great view!coastal living room with texture enhancing details

:: Coastal Home Decor Pins #34 ::


Monday Pins

Cute coastal dining spaceIt’s time for your Monday Pins! That’s right, it’s Monday and that means five fresh pins that are perfect for your coastal home decor boards! So get those pin buttons ready, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s time to share these beautiful pictures! We hope you have a good week and happy Monday!

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Minimal style coastal influenced bedroomModern coastal living room with eclectic piecesSimple coastal design detailsWood front door of a coastal home popping out because of the white surrounding it