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Blue painted pumpkins laid out on the mantleIt’s always a fun time when fall starts to come. The leaves change colors and it means the holidays are just around the corner. We get to have fun with Halloween, test our cooking skills during Thanksgiving and then spread joy and happiness with Christmas. Fall also brings us all the fun fall decor and gives us a chance to decorate our homes with it.

Pumpkins are great for easy Halloween decor and can remain for festive fall Thanksgiving decor. Pumpkins also make an easy center piece for the dining table. Grab a few small pumpkins and some fall foliage to craft a beautiful tables cape for you and your family. You can even decorate the mantle with them and create scenic fall scenes in your home. Get inspired to bring the fall decor into your home and check out how these designers have embraced fall and pumpkins into their homes.

Colorfull pumpkins displayed on a rustic table Fall table decor with leaves and pumpkins Mantle with small white pumpkins for decor Rustic style mantle with pumpkin as decor

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